Friday, October 17, 2014

Restaurant Invites - Why I Stopped

It's a common scenario. You blog about food related stuff or places you dined at for a period of time and as your "readership" grows, invites to tastings come knocking (the more popular ones get product placement/endorsement deals, sponsorships etc but that's a story for another day), which isn't a bad thing really. You as an individual, get to experience a wider repertoire of eateries; The food, the ambience, the privileged life in some cases. And in turn, you share those wonderful pictures of the place, the food and the entire experience in general on your blog, instagram, twitter etc. Sound familiar? 

Well, I was in that position once before in the not too distant past. Until I made a conscious decision to stop accepting any invites. Why? Because I was tired. Tired of all the hypocrisy, the plastered smiles, the well weathered sentences. But most of all, I was tired of compromising the integrity of my posts in return for a free meal. Invites usually come with better tasting food, better presentation and better service. It's in the interest of the restaurant to do so. But is that a true reflection of the actual food and service a random person will be getting? In a small percentage of the cases, yes but in a large majority, probably not. And thus the integrity of a post is compromised. How many times have you read rave reviews about certain dishes or certain eateries only to be disappointed? I have, countless times. And I don't want to contribute to that statistic.

A food blog, in my humble opinion, minus all the bells and whistles, should be a platform to cross share real opinions, real pictures, actual reality, not some perceived reality we make for ourselves or are led to believe. However, having said that, to each his/her own.

So please, do not invite me to any more tastings. Thank you.

ps: Please note that my ramblings do not constitute an argument for or against the accepting of invites nor is it meant to be a holier than thou piece. All views expressed are solely my own and do not represent that of others.