Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lai Wah Restaurant

The last time round when my parents and I went to Guan Hin for dinner, we passed by Lai Wah @ Bendeemer Road and my mum was quick to point out that the Cantonese food there was quite good the last time she ate there, about 10-20 years ago. So it was with great anticipation that we ventured to Lai Wah for dinner. We had a special guest with us today, my aunt, who is really particlar about food.
We got there about 1930hrs and the place was quite packed with families. The interior had this very cosy and nostalgic feeling about it. The ceilings were low and the decor simple.

We ordered Yam basket, white chicken with ham and vegetables, home made tofu (can't remember the exact name) and belachan kang kong. The Yam basket came first and I really liked it. The yam was cripsy and not soggy like some others that I have eaten. The yam was also not too starchy and the prawns that came with it were tasty and crunchy. The tofu was next and I found it a little too coarse for my liking. (I prefer silken tofu). Next up was the white chicken with vegetables and ham. According to my parents, this is a very old dish which used to be served at wedding dinners in the olden days. Honestly, I was quite disappointed with it. The chicken and the ham didn't have much taste as they were soaked in the thick gravy. The gravy itself wasn't really flavourful. But having said all that, it was a decent dish. The belachan kang kong was quite good, but a little too salty.

The damage worked out to be $51.80 for 4 pax. Although the type of food we ordered wasn't the expensive, the dinner itself was quite reasonable if you ask me. No GST & service charge. Thumbs up for the Yam Basket as well. Will patronise again but probably not in the near future. My mum feels that the standard has dropped though, but overall still a decent and value for money eatery.

Lai Wah

The cut up and eaten but delicious Yam basket

The home made tofu

The white chicken with ham and vegetable

Final Verdict:
Value for money:7/10


Address: Blk 44 Bendeemer Road. Ample HDB parking available.

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