Monday, August 07, 2006


Today marks my second visit to Tao's @ Paradiz centre, but with new makan khakis, namely, my parents.
Made a reservation for 1930hrs and there weren't too many people around when we arrived. Took some time to ponder over our orders, but the waitress was very patient and accomodating. I chose a farm salad, cream of mushroom soup as starters, baby back ribs as main, grass jelly mint tea and creme brulee for dessert. Just for those who have never been to Tao's, they only serve a 7 course dinner, out of which you are allowed to choose your salad, soup, dessert, main course and tea. The rest is fixed, like the cheese and ham gratin as a starter and fried wild mushrooms. Rose tea is complimentary and so is the shot of raspberry sorbet. I won't list what my parents had simply because the list would be too long.

The mushroom and cheese gratin, as expected, was good and I had a craving for more. Pity about the small serving though. The toasted bread was good together with the gratin. Next came the salad. My farm salad was average, albeit a small serving. My parents had the fruit salad and it was unique with a fusion of fruits, mayonnaise and grinded crab sticks. Weird combination, but tasted good. Next up was the fried wild mushrooms. Have never really been a fan of wild mushrooms, so this dish was just normal to me. The soup that came after that was pretty good though. The cream of mushroom I ordered had mushrooms grinded into little bits with fresh ground pepper. Heavenly I must say. The shark's fin melon soup that my mum had was very light and had a slice of shark's fin in it. Not too shabby.
Main course wise, I had the award winning baby back ribs. I personally like this as I absolutely hate having to literally tear the meat off the bones. Tao's ribs are soft(maybe too soft for some peoples' liking. ie my mum)and that makes it easy to seperate the meat from the bone. By this time, all of us were pretty stuffed up. The grass jelly mint tea served to help me digest(well it felt like it)and it was refreshing because of the mint leaves. The final course was the dessert, which I felt was only average, although this time round, I got a much bigger portion of creme brulee(probably because its a weekday)

All in all, I liked it for its great service, good food (in general). On weekends you even get to listen to a live band perform.

The damage? $28.80+++ per pax, which works out to be $33.40 each. Ended up paying $25.50 each only as I had a 24% discount.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:7/10


Sorry no pics as of now as my stupid phone went bonkers and the pictures I took got erased. Will update when I go to Tao's again on the 24th of Aug. Stay tuned!

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