Sunday, August 20, 2006

The week's makan in summary

Sorry folks, been busy with my exams lately so haven't been updating my blog. Not much food outings as well due to the same reason. Anyway, I did pop by Ichiban Boshi @ Esplanade to check it out and to collect my Pan Pacific Privileges for Diners(PPPD) card from Pan Pacific Hotel at the same time. Food was average, but definitely better then Sakae Sushi! Nice place as well as it overlooks the Singapore River and has nice cushion seats.

Patronised Xin Wang cafe @ Marina Square with my gf last night after catching Mission Impossible III @ the Class 95 event @ the Padang. Got there about 2145pm and it was quite packed with people. Decor was simple and they had nice looking circular booths, which could seat up to 4 people. Got a seat pretty fast and we proceeded to order a Macau style cheese baked rice with pork chop, chicken porridge and red bean snow ice(or something like that).Our food came within 10 mins and we were quite pleased with the presentation. The food actually looked good. However, imagine our disappointment when the porridge tasted bland and the portion was pathetic. I'm sure the $2.50 porridge at the hawker centre outside my house tasted better then that and with a bigger portion to boot. The baked rice was cold on the inside and hot on the outside (the cheese). The rice was drenched in oil(I could actually see the layer of oil!). The saving grace was the red bean snow ice which was actually an oversized ice kachang, but with just red bean, grass jelly and lots of condensed milk in it. I found it quite ok, probably due to the fact that I kinda like ice kachang.

Damage was $25.55/- which I feel is hardly worth it. One of the worst places I've eaten so far. Service is hardly existent as well. Will not be going back EVER! One other thing to note. They charge 40 cents for their iced water (refillable) and they have this practice of rounding up the bill to the nearest 5 cents.

Xin Wang Cafe

The uber gross baked rice

The Red Bean Snow Ice

Final Verdict:
Value for money:3/10


ps: some additional pictures of the week.

My PPPD card!

Our bill for Ichiban Boshi

Movies @ the Padang organised by Class 95

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