Saturday, September 02, 2006

Botak Jones

Took the day off today to spend some quality time with my gf and to get my hands on a new digital camera to replace my trusty 1.3MP handphone camera. Pictures are alot better now! Anyways, since we were in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio, I decided to do a formal review of the famous Botak Jones.

To folks who are going to the outlet @ AMK for the first time, finding the place might be a little daunting as it's in the middle of nowhere, inconspicuously hidden along a secluded stretch of road in a small coffeeshop under a HDB. But this being the umpteenth that I've been there, getting there was a breeze.

We reached the coffeeshop at about 1900hrs and surprisingly, it was not too crowded and we managed to get a seat along the perimeter of the coffeeshop, far away from the fume filled interior. Having learnt a lesson from the last time I ate there, I ordered a single patty Botak Burger set with 2 extra slices of cheddar cheese on top of my beef and Caesar salad. My gf ordered the fish burger meal which came with sides of coleslaw and chilli fries.

On first impressions, the Caesar salad looked pretty dull. The vegetables didn't look really fresh or appetizing at all. The bacon bits, though liberal on the serving, had this weird "fried in oil and kept for too long" kind of taste. But as a whole, the salad tasted ok, just like any run of the mill ones out there.

My Botak Burger had this huge beef patty and it looked intimidating (Thank god I wasn't suicidal enough to order the triple patty burger, like the first time I ate there.)The patty was nice and a little chewy, but it had this after taste that had me a little squirmy after eating too much of it. The 2 slices of cheddar cheese tasted like normal cheese you could get from any supermarket. But hey, this is still one good burger! The coleslaw that came with it had this plastic taste and the chilli fries(for my plate at least) had too much chilli powder, salt and what I suspect is monosodium glutamate (MSG).This made the fries a little too flavourful and overwhelming. I didn't get a chance to try my gf's fish burger, but I understand that its not bad.

Damage worked out to be $17 nett. It is slightly more expensive then your average western food stall at the market or hawker centre. However, portions are quite a size and waiting time isn't very long. Don't expect any service though, its a coffeeshop. Botak Jones has this tagline - Damn good food at a damn good price. My take? Not damn good food, but good enough. Not a damn good price, but reasonable enough. Worthwhile to go try it out.

The uninspiring Caesar salad

Botak Burger with 2 slices of cheddar cheese

Botak Burger again

The Fish Burger

Close up of the Chilli Fries

Final Verdict:
Ambience:0/10 (What ambience? Its a coffeeshop!)
Service:0/10 (Please refer to comments on ambience)
Value for money:7/10

Overall:7/10 (Only food and Value for money taken into consideration)

Address: Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. Other outlets at Sungei Kadut Eating House and Blk 325 Clementi Street 5.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying our food. We don't use any MSG though. Don't know where the "plastic" taste from the coleslaw came from, we make it fresh every day.
Thanks for thinking enough about Botak Jones to mention us though.

Take Good Care

Funkdoll said...

Nice review.
I'm a big fan of Botak Jones.
I must say that after a couple of experiences, i've come to think that the quality&service at the different outlets are all different.To get the best of Botak Jones, go to the one in Braddell which has the Brewski Jones(bar) as well.I feel that this outlet really lives up to the quality Botak Jones promises and their service is great too.(: