Sunday, September 10, 2006

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill

Off the beaten track was the theme for the day and my gf and I found ourselves at Buckaroo BBQ & Grill at Andrews Ave near Sembawang Park. Nestled amongst private houses, it's not a difficult place to find if you drive or if you know the area well, because the surrounding area can be quite deserted at night.(Most of the houses don't look like there's anyone living in them). It looks like a cross between a tarven and a beach pub, with its alfresco open air dining, wooden tables and flooring and the jolly lightning. Luckily there were no mosquitoes last night(at least they didn't bite me or my gf), so it made for a rather pleasent dining experience. Service was attentive and very friendly. I even made small talk with one of the waiters, something that's almost unheard of in fine dining restaurants.

After a long look at the menu, we ordered half a dozen of the Combustion Wings(Buffalo wings @level 1 spiciness) and a Spaghetti Marinara(seafood) and a round of drinks of course. Food was served piping hot and the portions were huge. I was shocked by the size of the wings as well as the spaghetti. The wings were easily double the size of those you could get at the market. Seemed like a bohemian task trying to finish the dishes, especially since we were already quite stuffed from all the eating at the World Food Fair 2006.

The wings were a little sourish(something which had already been forewarned by our server when taking our order) which my gf didn't really like, but it whetted my tastebuds with its tangy taste. A pity we couldn't finish it though and had to do a take away. The spaghetti was nice without the sauce being too overwhelming, which is the case with many spaghettis that I have eaten. The prawns were fresh and so were the mussels. (I hate mussels though)The drinks are your normal soft drinks, but if you drink root beer, go for the dispenser one. It tastes a little like Sarsi, which I'm crazy about.

The owner of Buckaroo is the same guy who set up Sunset at Seletar Airbase. In my humble opinion, its worth a trip down. Portions are gigantic, so please go with an empty stomach. No service charge is imposed as well, which is a big plus point. The waiters there are friendly and non pretentious. Do try the level 10 spiciness wings if you are up for the challenge. Do note also that the entire place is non air conditioned, so it might be a little uncomfortable on a warm night, even with fans blowing at you. They close early as well(1030pm on a saturday night), so please keep that in mind. Overall, a nice place to hang out with a group of friends over decent grub without busting too big a hole in your pocket. There's also nothing nearby, just Sembawang park, so don't expect any night entertainment of any sort. Driving is recommended.

The salad that came with the spaghetti

The gigantic Buffalo Wings

The Spaghetti Marinara

Last but not least, the bill.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: 12B Andrews Ave. Ample parking available outside the private houses.(Unbroken white line though)

ps: Just for the record, I clocked 166km on my odometer during our trip round Singapore yesterday. From Serangoon Gardens - Portsdown - Expo - Balestier - Sembawang - Jurong West - Serangoon Gardens. Gawd.

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LiquidShaDow said...

My experience was quite expensive. Don't think I'll be back.