Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jurong Hill Top Restaurant

Got my butt moving today and made time to do a review of one of the older eating establishments of Singapore - The Jurong Hill Top Restaurant. According to my mum and dad, it has been around for many years and catered mostly to the executives who worked in the Jurong area. Now times have changed and more families are making the trip west to try it out.

Jurong Hill Top restaurant, as the name suggests, sits on top of Jurong Hill, right above the Jurong Bird Park and overlooks the entire Tuas industrial estate. Having a ride up is highly recommended, unless you prefer to have a rigorous workout before your meal. It is divided into 3 sections, or whatever you want to call it. The Japanese section, the Teppanyaki section and the Indonesian food section. As usual, my gf and I made reservations for the teppanyaki section and I'm proud to say that we were actually on time today! Well, that still didn't guarantee us a seat. We had to sit around for a couple of minutes to wait for a seat. There were many people waiting as well, but we had priority. It was as packed as that!

The menu was simple and easy to read. No complicated combinations or fancy names for the dishes. My gf had the sukiyaki chicken set while I had the recommended venison meat set with an additional order of tofu. The chef proceeded to cook in front of us and I must admit that I was pretty impressed by his nifty slicing and dicing skills, especially when it came to de-shelling the king prawns that someone else had ordered. The cooking of beef was also an eye opener and it must surely be the epitome of our visit to the restaurant. The slab of beef was doused with spirit(I think)and set ablaze with a matchstick. Imagine the "woos" and the "ahs" that followed.

Well, back to our food. The sukiyaki was normal and so was the venison meat, which was cooked with black pepper. Even the bean sprouts with garlic was normal. But it definitely tastes better then any of those Teppanyaki wannabe stalls that I've tried in various foodcourts. Portion wise, it was just right, but for people with bigger appetites, it might be a tad too small. Our meals came with dessert as well and I had the almond jelly with longan and my gf had the mango pudding. The almond jelly tasted a little funny, but the mango pudding was a notch above average. It had this layer of milk on top of it which left a nice after taste.

Total damage for the day was $43.05/-. An excellent price considering that it's a nice quaint little restaurant perched on top of a hill and you get to experience someone cooking your food in front of you. The service was good, even the chef was nice. I've got to give it to the chef for his presentation skills as well. To top it off, there's no service charge! But be prepared for the cooking fumes to linger on your clothes though. People who are looking to have a nice romantic meal with their loved ones, stay away! Meals are over in about 30-45mins max and there are just too many people around one table to have any personal space. However, if you are looking for the Teppanyaki experience without busting your wallet, do give it a try. Meanwhile, I'll be going back to try their King Prawns and steak soon!

View from the parking lot

Jurong Hill Top Restaurant

The menu

Venison with black pepper and tofu

Sukiyaki chicken

De shelling in action!

Check out the flame

The beef is on fire!


The bill

Final Verdict:
Ambience:6/10 (One table, too many people.)
Value for money:7/10


Address: Jurong Hill. Reservations highly recommended.


mommy said...

this one brings me back to childhood memories... my late dad used to bring me there for lunch whenever he has the time... good to know that it's still around after so so long!


fatpig said...

Go try it before it goes the way of the Dodo :)

Anonymous said...

What is the telephone number?

fatpig said...

Hi Anonymous, its 62663522