Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ah Seah Eating House

Another quick lunch entry! My gf was sick so couldn't really eat rice or fried stuff, thus porridge it was. Patronised Ah Seah Eating House for their teochew porridge since we were in the area. On a sidenote, my parents and I used to eat at the old joint before they shifted to the new place some 10 years back because of a devastating fire.

We had simple fare, fishcake, cabbage, minced pork with black bean, beancurd and braised duck from another stall. Overall the food was very home made and I liked it, especially with the watery porridge. Ah, the simple pleasures of life. At about $14+ for everything(the duck is $8), it isn't very cheap, but its reasonable for the amount of food and resulting satisfaction. Do try it if you like the teochew style of porridge. Please note that the food quality isn't exactly very good though.

Ah Seah Eating House

Our dishes minus the duck

The braised duck

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