Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Astons Specialties @ Serangoon Gardens

Today marks the second time that I am doing a review on Astons Specialities, albeit a rather short one. The first review can be found here. This time however, the location is different. That's right, Astons has a new outlet in the Serangoon Gardens estate. Unlike the original outlet, the new outlet isn't a stand alone unit by itself. Instead, it is housed inside a coffeeshop just next to HSBC and Borsch Steak House. Not really visible from the main road if you ask me, unless you happen to be walking towards the Starbucks/Cafe Cartel area.

On to the food. I had an order of Sirloin Steak medium rare with sides of fries and baked beans. My dad had the Sirloin as well, medium well though and my mum had the Char Grilled Chicken. Both my dad's and my steak turned out overcooked. Mine came almost medium well whereas my dad's one came well done. However, the meat was still a little juicy and sweet in my case, which was a relief in some ways. My mum's chicken was just average.

In my conversation with the cook/owner later on, he explained that the stall was only 3 days old and they weren't familiar with the equipment yet, hence the overcooking. He even offered to change our steaks for us and gave us a small discount on the food, which I felt was a nice gesture on his part.

Total damage was $25. Not cheap, but not expensive either. I'm sure once they get the hang of the equipment, the food will get better and the crowds will come. I'll definitely be back.

Sirloin Steak

Char Grilled Chicken

ps: Can't really put a rating on this as it would be unfair due to the infancy of this outlet. A more appropriate time to rate would be after the familiarisation period.


Anonymous said...

I am bejean from vrzone.

This coffeeshop is called "Rong Su Xia" i think.

I visited it recently too, the portion is small and it's nothing special considering the price and the coffeeshop atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. the food doesn't good as good as the one i had at their east coast branch.

somemore is in coffee shop. is it same price?