Monday, October 02, 2006

Chin Chin Eating House

Although my gf and I were extremely bloated from the buffet high tea at Cafe Vic, we had dinner with my gf's family at Chin Chin Eating House along Purvis Street. When we got there at about 1915hrs, it was packed and we had to make do with a table along the back alley of the eating house, which was still quite breezy due to the afternoon showers and offered an unusual perspective of old world charm alongside new world vibrancy. Unfortunately, it threatened to pour again and we hastily retreated into the eatery when a suitable table was available. Inside, it was very warm, noisy and squeezy. We ordered Cereal Prawns, Hotplate Tofu, Sweet Potato Leaves, 1 whole Hainanese Chicken, Fish Hor Fun, Sweet and Sour Pork, Salted Vegetable with Tofu soup, Chicken Rice and drinks for everyone.

After a short wait, the dishes arrived in rapid succession. The Hainanese Chicken was not bad, a little chilled and with no traces of blood, which I feel tastes slightly better than the one I had at Thien Kee. The accompanying chicken rice was not too oily, which I like. The Hotplate Tofu looked a little dull and tasted nothing out of the ordinary. The Fish Hor Fun was pretty good and was quite a size for $5. The gravy wasn't too starchy and the Hor Fun had the fried taste to it. The cereal that came with the Cereal Prawns was good, crispy and crunchy, a little spicy and sweet, not too oily and with a strong cereal taste. The Sweet and Sour Pork, I feel, had too much flour in it and I couldn't really taste the meat. But the rest found it quite nice. Salted Vegetable with Tofu soup is supposed to be salty and at the same time, a little sourish. However, the one we had was just too bland with no bite. The ingredients in it were quite generous though. I don't really fancy sweet potato leaves, hence I gave the dish a miss.

Damage for the whole meal for 8 pax stood at $88.80 inclusive of drinks and everything else, which I feel is a steal. Where else can you find such decent food at such a low price in the heart of town? Give it a try and you won't regret it. However, do make reservations if you are going on weekends. Before you do, be warned. Do not expect fantastic food. Go with lower expectations and you might end up enjoying your dinner.

The whole Hainanese Chicken

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet Potato Leaves

Ceral Prawns

Hotplate Tofu

Final Verdict:
Ambience:/10(None at all. It's a coffeeshop)
Service:/10 (Not applicable)
Value for money:7.5/10

Overall:7/10 (Based on food and value for money only)

Address: Purvis Street. Reservations recommended on weekends.

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