Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Tent

It was the second outing for the forum people and this time round we tried The Tent @ Clark Quay, which supposedly served Mongolian food steamboat buffet style. Having never tried Mongolian food, I was pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. After some wrong turns and confusing streets, we finally made it there at about 1945hrs. First looks, the whole place didn't look Mongolian in any way but the setting was pretty nice I must say. And there weren't many people around when we arrived, which was a good thing. (People started filling in at about 8+ though)

How this place works is this. You choose your ingredients(rice, meat, prawns, vegetables etc) and toss them into a big bowl and you place your sauces(Teriyaki, BBQ, green curry etc) into a small bowl, after which you give them to the chef together with a metal token with your table number on it and he will cook your food for you and have it served to your table. In case you are clueless as to how to choose your sauces from the 40 or so varieties available, there are some 20 recipes that the chefs have come up with to simplify things.

Food wise, I can't really judge because they all pretty much tasted the same(the ones I had) and it really depended more on what sauces you add, in what quantity etc. Well all in all, it cost us about $151 for 5 pax. Honestly speaking, it was reminiscent of Seoul Garden, albeit a better but more expensive eatery. The "experience" is also slightly different from what you would get outside. However having said that, I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. $26+++/pax is just too much to pay for food that is a mix and match of everything. Oh and not forgetting the oil smell left on my shirt.

The interior

The cooking area

The drinks and ala carte menu

My first attempt

My second attempt

My third attempt

The bill

Calling card

Final Verdict:
Food:/10 (Can't judge this time round)
Value for money:5.5/10

Overall:6.33/10 (Food is not included)

Address: Blk 3D Clarke Quay. #01-02.

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