Monday, November 13, 2006

Hong Shan Kueh

In the same tiny coffeeshop that houses Fong Kee Duck Rice lies this small unit called Hong Shan that sells a small variety of hand made Kueh. We bought the Ang Ku Kueh, Soon Kueh and Png Kueh to try.

Soon Kueh

The filling in the Soon Kueh

Soon Kueh is so called for a reason. There is supposed to be Soon (Bamboo) in it and not Mang Guang (Turnip) which is pretty prevalent in most of the Soon Kueh that is sold today. Therefore it came as a surprise that the Soon Kueh we bought was filled with Soon and not Mang Guang. For those who didn't know, Soon is crunchier and tastier and emits a slight fragrance as compared to Mang Guang. The Soon Kueh's skin was slightly translucent and slightly elastic, which made for a very good eat.


Ang Ku Kueh

Peanut filling in the Ang Ku Kueh

The Ang Ku Kueh's skin was slightly thicker than usual, but when consumed, didn't feel too starchy. The peanut filling was tightly compacted and every bite guaranteed a mouthful of grounded peanuts. Taste wise was above average, but I've tried better.


The Png Kueh was huge for its price (70cents) but a tad too oily. But hey, all Png Kuehs are oily aren't they? Could never really differentiate between good and bad Png Kuehs so this one was ok to me. (Sorry no pics of it)


Address: Blk 124 Toa Payoh Lorong 1


Anonymous said...

hi there! =) if u are a lover of nonya ang ku kueh, u might want to try the ones from "the ang ku kueh shop" which was previously along upper thomson rd but have been moved to ang mo kio area. if u are interested to order, u could contact Francis at 90613699. Each piece is sold at $0.70. cheers!!

fatpig said...

Sorry whats the difference between Nonya Ang ku Kueh and normal Ang Ku Kueh?

SC said...

Oh, I just love peanut filling in Ang Ku Kueh!! You certainly photographed a good angle of the kueh. I'm experimenting on Soon Kueh for my next book and I must try using bamboo shoots ('soon') instead of the usual turnip, just to see how it turns out!

fatpig said...

Hi oi lin, you are too kind =)
Let me know how the soon kueh turns out with bamboo instead of turnip =)

Alice Cheng said...

Hi can I post your Ang Ku kueh photo on my facebook? I am looking for Ang Ku kueh buddies. Thanks

fatpig said...

Hi Alice,