Friday, November 10, 2006

Wah Noogee House

Had another impromptu dinner last night albeit with a much smaller price tag as compared to the last one when we dined at Morton’s. The venue was Wah Noogee House at Carlton Hotel just across the road from CHIJMES. The younger cousin of the famous Wah Lok is known for whipping up simple yet delicious fare, as evidenced by the multiple newspaper cuttings plastered to the glass. On this particular occasion, it was offering an Ala Carte buffet of 38 dishes at $22 NETT. Being the “kiasu” Singaporeans, we decided to give it a try. Spaces were aplenty when we got there about 2015hrs. Décor was simplistic yet modern, with aesthetically pleasing lights hanging from the high ceiling.

We tried almost everything on the menu. That might seem a little greedy, but trust me when I say this; portions are single servings (read small) and I estimate that we ate about 20+ dishes in all. I found everything pretty average, with the deep fried beancurd being slightly above average. It was nicely diced and fried, with a sprinkling of salt and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). The roast duck had a nice crisp skin, but minimal meat, which was a bummer really. I did like the wantons for their huge and fresh prawns which were tasty and crunchy. But overall, nothing really stood out.

Damage was $22.40/pax, with the 40 cents going to the cost of the wet towels. Not exactly value for money, but it was a pretty satisfying and enjoyable dinner (for me at least). Service was also quite good and the place was nice and quiet. Still it’s not worth the $22 in my opinion. Approximately $15-$17 would have been just right. Having said that, I might just be convinced to try it again because it offers a relaxed environment with decent food at a not too expensive price. (Actually no hotel that I know has a buffet dinner at $22 NETT)

The facade

The interior

Drinks menu

The order list

Deep Fried Diced Beancurd

Shrimp Dumpling Soup

BBQ Pork and Wanton Noodle

Shrimp Wanton Noodle

Porridge - can't remember which one. They all look the same though

Meat platter consisting of Roast Duck, Char Siew and Soya Sauce Chicken

Sautéed Beef

Stewed Beef Brisket

Spiced Pig Shank


The bill

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: 76 Bras Basah Road, Carlton Hotel.
Contact: 63118250


Anonymous said...

The buffet is BACK! Now with 44 dishes but is 26.40 nett per pax. 40¢ still goes to the wet towels. One interesting thing noticed is tat the restroom's cubicle measures more than half of the total area of the restroom itself. Useless information of the day.

fatpig said...

Woah the price has increased. Is the range of food still the same?

Anonymous said...

The general profile of the buffet is the same, just the congruent-looking congee range is out, accompanied by and explosion of the Seafood and Meat section, comprised of - White chicken(bai zhan ji), Braised Fish Maw, Fried chix with lemon, calamari, fried fish skin, fresh squid with dried chilli, sweet and sour pork(it was actually deep fried flour, hardened to that of wall plaster) and fried shishamo. Oh, and the wet towels' actually 30¢, if it makes it anymore enticing to prospective customers. Service was prompt and friendly though.

fatpig said...

I'm not sure if the enhancement of the meat and seafood section would be enough to entice me to go back, especially when the price has gone up lol.

Anonymous said...

bro/sis, just a note to inform you that Wah Noogeez is no longer in business..

fatpig said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for the update! Is the closure temporary or permanent?

Anonymous said...

permanent. So sad yah... i liked the place a lot....
But something close to this will be this place called the Imperial Treasure Xiao Long Bao on the 2nd floor of Marina Square....

fatpig said...

So whats going to replace this place?