Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Based on recommendations from the nice folks at the Makansutra forums, Tamago (or TMG for short) and I had a go at the newly reopened Wham!Burger at the China Square Food Court. It was originally located at Turf City some two years back, but closed down as the owner wanted to pursue her other interests. The menu was really simple and $4.80 gets you a chicken/beef burger. Add another dollar ($5.80) and you get an extra side (rather small serving though). I had the Beef Burger with a side of Crinkle Fries , whereas TMG had the Chicken Burger.

My Beef Burger was quite a size - smaller than Aston's ieat SuperBurger, but slightly bigger than Burger King's Whopper. The beef patty was moist, a little chewy and best of all, it didn't make me feel the least bit queasy after eating it. Such a great beef patty must surely go with nicely toasted buns, but the truth be said, they sucked. It isn't really the fault of the owner as she gets her buns from suppliers. She promises to work on it though. My miserable portion of fries tasted nicely done - crispy and freshly fried with a sprinkling of salt and probably Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

As with my Beef Burger, TMG's Chicken Burger had the same flat tasting buns but he commented that the chicken tasted like Satay Chicken and it was good.

My take on Wham!Burger is, definitely must try! It beats Botak Jones's Botak Burger and Aston's ieat SuperBurger hands down. I will definitely be back to try the Chicken Burger or when I have a beef burger fix.

The store

The menu

Doesn't the packaging remind you of Mos Burger?

Check out the size of the beef patty

The huge patty again

Moist and juicy patty

Chicken Burger

Side of Crinkle Fries

The receipt

Rating: 8/10
Address: China Square Food Court B1-22
Opening Hours: 11am - 4pm Mondays to Fridays
Contact: 90080604 (Wendy)


LiquidShaDow said...

The patty must really be good to be better than both Botak's and Aston's since you said that their buns suck. No cheese?

fatpig said...

Yup the patty is definitely better. No cheese.