Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Amoy Food Centre

Yes. Another lunch trip to Amoy Food Centre, except that this one lasted longer due to the torrential rains in the afternoon that kept me stranded there. Check out what I tried today.

The stall

Wanton Mee

I saw a long queue at this stall the last time I popped by so thought I would join them to see what was good about it. I had a $3 serving of Wanton Mee and counted 6 Wantons, probably about 6-8 slices of Char Siew and another 6 slices or so of mushrooms. Quite a sizable amount of ingredients I must admit. The noodles were springy and a little chewy, but the Wanton and Char Siew were rather normal. Overall the dish was light yet didn't come across as bland. Not bad at all!


Address: #01-31, Amoy Food Centre

Zhen Jie Desserts

Ah Balling

Tang Yuan with Peanut filling

Tang Yuan with Sesame filling

What better way to wrap up a meal and combat the cold weather than a bowl of hot Ah Balling soup? $1.50 gets you a bowl of the peanut based dessert with 4 large Tang Yuans or Glutinous Rice Balls with your choice of either Peanut or Sesame filling. The Tang Yuans had a relatively thin yet elastic skin which was not too starchy. Bite into one and the sweet fillings ooze out to greet your teeth. They say goodness comes in small packages and I do not wonder why.


Address: #02-113, Amoy Food Centre

Ho Kee Rice Dumpling

A peek into the Ba Zhang

Now you must be wondering how in the world can I eat so much for lunch. Well it was raining and I had nothing better to do. So there. I ordered 5 Chestnut with Mushroom Ba Zhang(1 to eat, the rest to take home) and waited for about an hour for them to come out piping hot from the steamer. I wasn't the only one. There was a mini stampede to be the first in line when the owner started removing the cooked Ba Zhangs from the steamer. Ok I'm exaggerating, but I kid you not when I say that the rate at which the Ba Zhangs fly off the shelves is just mad. Wait, they don't even make it to the shelves. So what's so good about it? First of all, its not very oily, which appeals to your health conscious side. Second, it only uses lean meat, not fatty meat which is prevalent in other Bak Zhangs. Third, it is very fragrant and the mushrooms within are big and crunchy. Fourth, the chestnuts are sizable and gives the whole Ba Zhang a slightly sweet taste. Kindly note that the above only applies to the Chestnut with Mushroom Ba Zhang that I ordered. Here's the only gripe. The relatively steep price. $2.30 per Ba Zhang is plain expensive, as compared to the market price of $1.50. However it more than makes up with its quality. This is undisputedly one of the best Ba Zhangs I have ever tried. On a side note, you can call up to reserve the Ba Zhangs, but please call early.


Address: #01-18, Amoy Food Centre
Contact: 62211155

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