Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ho Kee Pau

Was walking along Joo Chiat Road when I spotted Ho Kee Pau. Heard quite a bit about it so bought a Char Siew Pau and Dao Sar Pau to try

Char Siew Pau

Dao Sar Pau

The Char Siew Pau's meat tasted a little flat and the Pau was too thick, making it a little dry and powdery in the centre. Same case with the Dao Sar Pau. It could do with more Dao Sar filling. Both paus are definitely not value for money. 70 cents for such a small pau is plain ridiculous.


Address: Along Joo Chiat Road very near Joo Heng


Anonymous said...

Actually I've found the Ho Kee char siew pau to be one of the best (they used coriander in the meat mix which makes it quite tasty)... I consider it better than Crystal Jade or Red Star. Maybe you had a bad batch. Try the main outlet on Sims Avenue behind Aljunied MRT. Theres another one interesting pau place next to Joo Heng, its called D'Bun. Some of my Katonite friends swear by the paus at this place

fatpig said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. Ya I probably had a bad batch. Will try again. I've tried D'Bun as well. Find it better than Ho Kee (as of now) but very expensive. :)

Eileen. 静 said...

i ate at ho kee once..the one near aljunied mrt. somehow i didn't quite like it. the har kau skin was too thick compared to some other places. give me 126 anytime ..

fatpig said...

Oh I haven't tried Ho Kee's Har Gao before. By the way, whats 126? Wan Tou Sek at Geylang? :)

Anonymous said...

i tried the char siew par before it has a bad taste after that i had never ate anything from ho kee pau