Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maxwell Food Centre

My gf and I decided to have an early dinner so we headed down to Maxwell Food Centre as she had a craving for Orh Pia (Oyster Cake). The place was rather deserted when we got there at about 1745hrs on a Saturday evening, which was a good thing as we didn't have to jostle with people or queue up at our favourite food stalls.

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Orh Pia

We opted for the $2 version of the Orh Pia and it was decently done with shrimps and oysters. It didn't seem to nauseating after a few mouthfuls of it, which is a good thing. But it did seem a little too overfried and I definitely have eaten better ones before, namely from an old lady at a Pasar Malam some years back. But still quite a decent eat as Orh Pias are really rare nowadays.


Hum Jin Pang


The old man and his daughter

In the process of frying the Hum Chin Peng

Hum Chin Peng with Icing sugar

My parents have been buying Hum Chin Pengs from this stall ever since I was a kid (Think 20 years ago). The old man used to be the one doing up the dough and the daughter would fry the Hum Chin Peng . It used to go for 5 cents for 2 pieces, but now times have changed and you have to do your own frying, which can be quite fun and the Hum Chin Pengs go for a dollar for 7 pieces now. Don't worry if you are an idiot at cooking because the lady will ensure that your Hum Chin Pengs turn out just right. After frying, there is the option of coating it in icing sugar. I had a dollar worth of the sweet version (there's the salty version as well) and I must say that the Hum Chin Pengs tasted really good, especially with the icing sugar. Each piece is quite small, so it is quite light and can be taken as a snack. One downside is the oil which is used to fry the Hum Chin Pengs. Last I looked, it was black, owing to the charred pieces of dough. May I add that this is extremely bad for health, but once a while is fine right? ;)


Tian Tian Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Tian Tian Chicken Rice has got to be one of the better chicken rice stalls in Singapore. The chilli is just great, although a tad spicy for me(I wish I knew the recipe for it). The chicken itself is rather normal, but the rice is fragrant and tasty without being too oily. $3 gets you a huge plate of rice with about 10 sizeable slices of chicken. Talk about cheap and good!


Ho Kee Porridge

Deep fried Tofu

Century Egg Porridge

The Century Egg Porridge had generous servings of century egg and meat slices. The porridge was very thick, starchy and not to mention, flavourful. However, too starchy equates nauseating effect and you get stuffed up pretty fast. Quite good, but failed to impress and I've had better ones before. We also ordered the Deep Fried Tofu from this stall and I must admit it was quite good. Egg tofu is deep fried until the exterior becomes crispy while the interior remains soft and silky. This tofu is reminiscent of Nonya cooking and definitely on par with Pow Sing's offering.

Rating:7/10 for the Congee & 7.5/10 for the Deep Fried Tofu


Junie said...

the tian tian chicken rice is really so good eh? i've never tried it but i really like the other stall at maxwell also. Called dong fang something.

the he ji right, i think the original stall is very near my place!

fatpig said...

ya the tian tian chicken rice is quite good. The rice and the chilli.
Actually I don't know where He Ji started from. All I know its from HK lol. I also know there's a He Ji Bao at Joo Chiat, which is quite good, except for the fact that the bao is too thick. :o