Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soon Huat's Pig Organ Soup

Had a craving for Pig's Organ Soup so ordered a bowl to share from Soon Huat's Pig Organ Soup, which has a loyal following of customers, including myself.

The stall

The soup

$3 gets your a bowl of soup with a reasonable amount of ingredients thrown in. The ingredients in it are pretty normal, but what I like about this dish is the soup. It is slightly sourish and salty due to the salted vegetables and it is so good that it keeps me going back for more. Add a dash of pepper and you get a really great soup. Do try it!



Anonymous said...

The "real" owner has retired about a year ago. The young couple and their mother who are selling now are their relatives. The "real" owner drops by sometime on Sat morning. Taste is no longer as good as before.

fatpig said...

Oh is it? I didn't know that. But I did realise that the standard has dropped. By the way, I noticed that its still the same auntie selling. Just that she used to do the collection of money. Now she doubles up as cook. The old man is no longer around.