Friday, December 22, 2006

Wham!Burger Part II

Tried out the new double Wham!Burger today with LSD at China Square food court. It is two pieces of thick beef patty instead of the usual 1 piece, which I had the last time round. Please click here to read about my first visit. $9 gets you a huge burger with a sunny side up. Today's beef patty was a little too dry, but nice nevertheless. The buns were as terrible as I remembered them to be, if not worse! I could detect the taste of lousy grade butter in the buns, which kind of turned me off. As I was finishing my burger, I felt a little woozy from an overdose of beef. So too much of a good thing might not be good afterall. I certainly hope that Wham!burger's standard will remain consistent and not wind down the sliding path, although there are signs pointing in that direction.

On a side note, $9 for the burger is a little steep. A price range of between $7-$8 would have been more reasonable.



Anonymous said...

I told her about the buns as well! Looks like she hasn't got a new supplier yet!

fatpig said...

Ya man. They should really do something about it. Its quite a bummer.