Monday, December 18, 2006

Whampoa Drive Food Centre

Whampoa Drive Food Centre is home to two very famous Fish Head Steamboat stalls and crowds throng the food centre daily just to dig into their favourite steamboat. But is there anything to Whampoa Drive Food Centre besides those two stalls? That was what I wanted to find out! My parents and I made our way to the temporary food centre (The original one is closed for upgrading until Sep 07) at about 630pm and it was packed with people even though there was quite a heavy downpour. After a walkabout around the food centre, we ordered a few dishes from various stalls to share.

Balestier Road Hoover Rojak


$3 gets you a small portion of Rojak that usually goes for $2 in most other places. However, this Rojak offers a slightly different ingredient. It comes with cuttlefish, which isn't really rare, but rather uncommon. The gravy was not too starchy and the texture and taste of the premium grade of shrimp paste used was evident. Quite a good Rojak, but I'm not sure if the price premium is worth it.


Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee

My first impression of the Hokkien Mee was bad. The noodles looked like they were soaked in gravy. Even after leaving it to dry for a while, it was still very watery. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good and light, unlike the usual Hokkien Mees that are heavy on the flavours and kicks you in the stomach if you consume too much. A very decent rendition at a affordable $3. Not cheap, but not expensive either.


The stall that sells the Crayfish Hor Fun. Funny how a mixed vegetable rice stall has anything to do with hor fun

Crayfish and Prawn Hor Fun

I've never tried Crayfish and Prawn Hor Fun before so it was a different experience for me. The Hor Fun had a very strong Wu Xiang(five spices) taste, with Cinnamon being the most dominant. The prawns and crayfish were fresh and overall the dish tasted ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. $4 gets you 3 halves of Crayfish and a couple of prawns. Not too shabby I must say.


Ah Hock Fried Oyster

Orh Lua

This stall had many clippings and awards pasted on its storefront. So much for the awards though. The cheapest serving stands at $5 and it gets you a small plate of Orh Lua which goes for about $3 at other hawker centres. The oysters were far and few and hardly fresh. Overall the dish was pretty tasteless and totally not worth the price premium. Perfectly edible, but not for $5. Not even $3.


Address: Whampoa Drive Temporary Food Centre, Block 77 Lorong Limau.

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Applecow said...

I really like the zhicha at a stall called how hup. The sambal sotong, garlic prawns and salt-baked crabs are good!