Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Canton Wok

When I first ate at Canton Wok some 2 years ago, it was housed in a non air conditioned coffeeshop in Serangoon and prices were relatively reasonable. 2 years on, we are at its new premises along Joo Chiat Road for dinner. Canton Wok is now housed in a refurbished old bungalow which can seat more people than its previous shop space at Serangoon. Its air conditioned too by the way, unless you opt to sit outside together with the cars. After a quick browse of the menu, we ordered the Bacon Prawn Rolls with Mayonnaise Cream, Beancurd with Scallops, Double Taste Pork Ribs and the Stir Fried Xiao Bai Miao(?)(someone please ID this vegetable for me, I forgot the name. Thanks!), which wasn't in the menu.

The Bacon Prawn Rolls with Mayonnaise Cream was essentially prawns wrapped in bacon with mayonnaise added to it. Nothing too special about it, but I liked it because the mayonnaise made the whole dish a little creamy and complemented the saltiness of the bacon. A pity about the small prawns used and the ridiculously small portion. Next up was the Beancurd with Scallops, which was soft and silky, but it had quite a strong raw taste due to the scallops. Which leads me to the scallops. There were but a few strands present in the gravy, which I didn't notice until we had finished all the tofu.

The Double Taste Pork Ribs sounded interesting, but it was merely one small serving of Coffee Pork Ribs and another small serving of your normal Pork Ribs. Both renditions were very well done though. Of notable mention is the Coffee Pork Ribs, which was very well seasoned and had a strong coffee taste, unlike the one I had at Szechuan Court. The meat was also tender and cooked to perfection. Our greens for the day was the Stir Fried Xiao Bai Miao(?)(As above, someone please ID this vegetable for me, I forgot the name. Thanks!) It was particularly fragrant and the gravy exceptionally tasty, so much so that all of us suspected that it had been fried in pork lard, although we couldn't visually detect any traces of it. So if you are health conscious, you might just want to steer clear.

Dinner for 4 pax came up to $60.06 after a 20% discount, which isn't very expensive, but the portions were a tad dainty for 4. 3 pax would have been a better bet. Although the food is good, I don't think I'll be back in the absence of the 20% discount unless I'm feeling rich.

The facade



Bacon Prawn Rolls with Mayonnaise Cream

Beancurd with Scallops

Unidentified Vegetable

Double Taste Pork Ribs

The bill

Final Verdict:
Service:6.5/10 (No service charge)
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: 382 Joo Chiat Road

Contact: 62856919/63486919

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