Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Those Dim Sum cravings just don't stop and its been bothering me for quite a while. With some luck, reprieve was in sight as my colleagues and I settled for Dim Sum at the relatively well known Teahouse near our office.



Housed on the third floor of China Square, Teahouse comes under the umbrella of the illustrious Tung Lok group, which is famous for its fine dining Chinese restaurants. Step into the restaurant and a quaint teahouse setting greets you. Decor is simplistic, with wooden tables and chairs and whirling ceiling fans. The sight of Dim Sum being pushed around in trolleys complete the typical teahouse atmosphere.

Tofu with Fish Paste

I found this dish very normal. The Tofu tasted like those you could buy at the markets and the fish paste just didn't taste wholesome enough. I could probably get one of comparable quality at half the price.

Char Siew Sou

I'm rather particular when it comes to Char Siew Sou because its probably one of my favourite Dim Sum dishes. Sad to say, this one didn't quite make the cut. Although the pastry was flaky, it wasn't crisp enough and the Char Siew filling was a little tasteless. No BBQ taste, not sweet, nothing. Edible, but certainly not worth the money.

Egg Tarts

Another one of my favourite dishes. But disappointment after disappointment. The Egg Tart was just short of terrible. The custard filling was hardly sweet and the pastry crumbled upon the slightest exertion of pressure. No slightly burnt taste that I like as well.

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling

A good gauge as to whether this dish is well executed is to taste the skin. If its thin, crispy and doesn't carry a reused oil aftertaste, then its good. Of course the prawns must be fresh as well to complement the skin. Teahouse's rendition was a mixture of good and bad. The skin could have obviously done with more deep frying because it was a little chewy instead of crispy. The prawns however, were nice and crunchy, which indicates freshness?

Carrot Cake

If I were to call the carrot cake a joke, that would be an understatement. Its probably closer to disaster. The carrot cake was soft and mushy and reeked of oil. Not to mention it left a distasteful aftertaste. Pure gross. They should really take this off the menu. I'm not kidding

Chee Cheong Fun

We had a serving of Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun and Prawn Chee Cheong Fun. Both tasted rather normal, but I like the Char Siew one more due to personal biasness. Only problem with the Chee Cheong Fun is that the skin could have been thinner and silkier.

Har Gao

Fresh and crunchy prawns enveloped by an acceptably thin skin. What more can I say? Could use some heating up though as Dim Sum is best eaten warm or piping hot.

Char Siew Pao

The Char Siew Pao didn't come piping hot. In fact it came almost cold. And cold it remained, with my palate failing to warm up to it. I personally found the skin too thick and not soft enough. The filling was normal and I almost can't remember how it tastes like. I guess that pretty much says how I feel about the Pao.

The bill

An unsatisfying Dim Sum lunch (for me at least) for 3 pax cost about $45. Not exactly the most expensive of Dim Sum lunches, but it is hard to justify for the quality and quantity of food. Add in average service and you get a place where I won't be visiting again, at least not for Dim Sum. Wah Lok beckons.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: Level 3 China Square Food Centre, 51 Telok Ayer Street

Contact: 65330660


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been an avid reader of your food reviews. Have you tried Space @ Humble House or know of someone who tried? Any good reviews and what's the price range like? TIA :)

fatpig said...

Thank you for your support! Space@Humble House? The one at Esplanade? I personally have never been there, but I've heard a few good words about it. I believe they have a set menu listing on their website so maybe you can get a rough guage of pricing from there? The website is
Meanwhile, I'll try to find a day to try it out, but it will probably be after CNY. Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I think I can review for you cuz am planning to go on Sunday :) Pls keep up your good work. Just to let you know I read your wonderful and delicious blog EVERYDAY!

fatpig said...

Oh great. Do let me know how it goes. Thanks and enjoy your meal on Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

Go to Xin Cuisine @ Holiday Inn Atrium. They have Dim Sum buffet in the weekends and the Dim Sum's pretty good..

fatpig said...

What are the prices at Xin like? Cause most of the dim sum buffets I've tried don't really make the mark. Only like Wah Lok's dim sum so far, but its ala carte.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to Space but was also given HH menu so we ordered few dishes to try. It was good man but quite expensive. A prawn mayo dish, tofu and brocoli with 2 plain rice (no tea) set us back back $70+ for 2 pax.

fatpig said...

Oh dear thats rather steep. I'm guessing the expensive dish is the prawns. Actually I think I had similar dishes at Lei Garden and it cost me about $100, so maybe I'll check out Humble House soon! Thanks for the FR! :)