Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teochew Kway Chup

This Kway Chup stall on the second floor of Amoy Food Centre claiming to serve authentic Teochew Kway Chup (not that I actually know how thats supposed to taste like though) piqued my interest greatly and so I got down to giving it a shot.

An overview

The ingredients

$6.60 bought me a platter of Pig's Tongue, Pig's Intestine, Hard Boiled Egg, Tau Pok and Fishcake for 2 pax inclusive of 2 bowls of the Kway. I personally found the ingredients too soft from simmering in the huge pot of gravy for too long. The only highlight was the Kway and the accompanying gravy. The Kway had more bite and wasn't as soggy as the normal ones you get outside. The gravy had a slightly burnt taste with a rather sharp tinge of Cinnamon. Something different and worth a try for the novelty factor. Unfortunately, not even the superior Kway and unique gravy is enough to warrant another try.

Rating: 6.5/10

Address: #02-117, Amoy Food Centre

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