Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ter's Fishball Noodle

I just decided that rainy days are bad for patronising Amoy Food Centre because I got drenched making my way there for lunch today. And mind you, its not a good feeling. Imagine the water logged trousers, shirt, shoes and socks. Gross. Anyway, I tried out the fishballs noodles from Ter's Fishball Noodle located on the first floor which boasted handmade fishballs.

$3 is a rather hefty price to pay for the 3 average sized fishballs, a small prawn, some slices of fishcake and bits of minced meat. A more appropriate price would be $2 or $2.50 in my opinion due to the average amount of ingredients. More so because of the quality of food. The purported handmade fishballs didn't taste any superior to the average ones I get elsewhere. Probably the only difference was that these fishballs had a slightly weaker fishy aftertaste. Although decent, it certainly didn't match up to all that hype generated by the awards plastered on the walls.

Rating: 6/10

Address: Amoy Food Centre, #01-47

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