Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hong Kong Kim Gary Part II

Revisited Kim Gary with my gf for lunch after my rather decent dining experience about a month back.

Cream Soup

The cream soup today was terrible. It tasted more of oil than anything else. It was so bad that my gf and I couldn't even finish one cup of it. To top it off, a layer of oil formed atop the leftover soup which totally grossed us out.

Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce

This dish was terrible. The fish wasn't fresh and coated with egg in an attempt to mask the taste. The sweet corn cream sauce was almost tasteless and made the fish fillet rather soggy. Enough said.

Cap Kan Nissin Soup Noodles

This dish wasn't half as bad as the fish, but it was just normal instant noodles you can get off the shelves. The only difference is, they add a chicken wing, a stick of sausage and an egg in it, which I felt was rather expensive for the price. Also, I like my chicken wings crispy, not soggy and tasting of soup.

The bill

The price we paid ($16.55) wasn't too expensive, but the food was totally not worth the money. Maybe we were unlucky and ordered 2 of their lousier set lunches. I might just give Kim Gary another chance, given that my first experience there was still alright.

Rating: 5.5/10

Comments: Please refer to my previous post here for other relevant information.

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