Friday, February 02, 2007

Maxwell Food Centre Part II

Another writeup on Maxwell market consolidated from a few of my trips down during lunch.

The stall

The ingredients

Saw a short queue forming outside this stall so I went to give it a shot, sort of like herd mentality. I got myself a bowl of Sotong balls and meatball Soup with a bowl of rice ($4.50 for about 10 balls). The Sotong balls were surprisingly crunchy with lots of bite. The meat balls were evidently handmade from the rough yet compact texture, packing in a tasty mouthful. The soup was rather normal though. Do try it out!


Xing Xing

A pity I forgot to take pictures of the Tapioca Cake and Ondeh Ondeh that I bought simply because I couldn't resist popping them into my mouth the minute I got my hands on them. The Ondeh Ondeh was soft on the outside with lots of coconut shreds and sweet on the inside due to the liquefied Gula Melaka. The Tapioca Cake, on the other hand, was hardly sweet yet smooth and soft. Both are equally good! Pictures will have to wait though. On a side note, this stall is very well known for its Ondeh Ondeh and they are usually sold out by about 11+ in the morning, so go early!


The store

My order

The funny tasting sauce

I had a $6 serving of 5 items for 2 pax and ended up polishing the whole dish by myself (wasn't too big actually) together with a plate of beehoon. The egg slices were pretty unique because they slightly sweet, very much like eating Tamago , except that this one was slightly crispy due to the deep frying. The Wu Xiang was also quite good, with the skin being very thin and crispy and the filling a little sweet. The others were normal. Overall, not bad, but waiting time can be a killer.


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