Monday, April 16, 2007


With the opening of the spanking new AMK Hub(at AMK of course), AMK central has been revitalised with a mad influx of people streaming to AMK Hub in search of food and shopping.

Little Jerry's Cookies

The stall

100g of cookies

A close up look at the cookies

On the ground floor of the mall, in close proximity to the Fairprice Xtra, is this small stall selling cookies. The prices are a little lower than that of Famous Amos and offer slightly more variety. My bag of Chocolate Paradise set me back by $3.50 for 100g. Taste wise was pretty similar to Famous Amos's cookies but Little Jerry's had significantly more milk in it, as evident by the rich milky taste. It lacked the oven baked taste of Famous Amos though. A worthy contender nevertheless, with a cheaper price to boot.

Rating: 7/10

Summer House Donut

The stall

Chocolate Donut

Along the same row as Little Jerry's lies Summer House Donut. Reputed to be giving Donut Factory a run for its money, it was imperative that I tried it. After all the hype around it, I found it rather average. First and foremost, it wasn't warm. Second, the pastry wasn't as fluffy as as I expected. Lastly, it was pretty bland even with the chocolate coating over it. Certainly not impressed with it but definitely better than the one I had at Vinco.

Rating: 6.75/10

Four Seasons Durians

The stall front

The making of

Pancake filling

Yet another stall at the ground level of the mall. However this stall, Four Seasons Durians, had snaking long queues waiting to try out their durian pancake. For $1.50, I guess it was a steal especially with plain pancakes going for $1 each. Here you get thick durian puree wrapped up with hot pancakes. However I did find it a little disappointing. The puree was rich and thick no doubt, but wasn't sweet one bit. It came across as a little bitter in fact, a sign of inferior quality durian.

Rating: 6.5/10


YuKiKo (",) said...

Honestly I've tried both the summer house donuts & the ones at vinco. I definitely think the latter is better. At least it's so much softer even after leaving it overnight unlike the one from summer house. Vinco's donuts to me it's definitely worth queueing for. As for donut factory I have no comments having not tried it b4.

fatpig said...

Hi there! Maybe I was unlucky but the two times I ate Vinco donuts, both times I found it quite bad, especially with its oily aftertaste. I've never tried keeping donuts overnight so I'm in no position to comment :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Just wanna say actually bitter durians are better durians as compared to those tat are just sweet.. I like ur post! great reviews and helped mi alot! thanks aheap! =D