Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eden Cafe

Cosmopolitan club street has a new entrant - Eden Cafe, which opened its doors to a soft launch only last Wednesday. New as the cafe may be, the man at the helm, Clement Ronald, is certainly no stranger to the culinary scene, having appeared in many television and magazines write ups in the past year due to his unique blend of cooking which involves plants, dubbed "floral cooking". He used to preside over the kitchen at Helios Cafe at Marina Square, but unfortunately that space is available only for private functions now.

Occupying a small unit just opposite liberty insurance, Eden Cafe threatens to be overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbours like Senso, Indochine, Spizza, Jerry's, just to name a few. The interior is tiny (I'm guessing about 20pax) and simplistic, opting for a more laid back setting with soft music in the background.

Jumbo prawns wrapped in Bacon

Prawns wrapped in bacons are always nice. Ideally the saltiness from the not too fatty bacon should complement the raw sweetness of the prawns. However it didn't happen in this case. The prawns were smaller than I had expected and the bacon wasn't grilled throughly enough, resulting in a softer than I would have liked texture. But overall still a rather decent dish, especially with the freshness of the tomato salsa salad by the side.

Saffron Cream Sauce Salmon

I don't usually like salmon because they have this raw fishy taste which I detest. Not this one however. The salmon's meat was firm minus the fishy overtones and together with the buttery and flavourful home concocted gravy, made for a light yet pleasing dish. However I could detect some inconsistencies in the dish, with some parts of the salmon being a lot saltier than others. The whole portabello mushroom that came with it was good for lapping up the tasty gravy, just that it was a little too soft for my liking.

Red Wine Beef

I would have liked this dish quite a bit if it wasn't that raw. The meat slab was thick which probably explains the rawness in some areas. The red wine sauce had a nice sweet red wine taste (naturally!) without being too overpowering. There was garlic in it, but I couldn't quite make it out. The mashed potatos were great with the sauce by the way.

We had one other main, the Rosemary Chicken, which I unfortunately do not have a shot of because I stupidly deleted it by accident and data recovery doesn't seem to work. Well I have asked around and hopefully someone has it so that I can post it up if they are willing to send it to me. That aside, as the name suggests, the chicken was cooked with rosemary and lavender, which gave it a rather fruity/leafy slant. The chicken was rather tender and moist but certain parts could get quite strong on the rosemary taste, especially the outer layer, which I personally couldn't quite take

Crème Brûlée

According to Clement, the Crème Brûlées are made from real vanilla beans, not vanilla essence or extract like most other places. The little black dots within are proof of that. Clement personally handled the melting of the sugar atop and I must complement his technique as the layer of sugar was thin and evenly coagulated. The pudding was soft and wobbly and didn't come across as too sweet. Definitely one of the better Crème Brûlées that I've tasted.

Brandy Chocolate

Now this is one sinful dessert with rich and unadulterated chocolate. Nothing fancy, just pure milk chocolate with brandy. However I couldn't quite make out the brandy which was a bummer really. Definitely not for the health conscious!


The Tiramisu was covered by a layer of rich chocolate, very different from others I've eaten. But that doesn't not necessarily mean that its better. I could barely taste the cake in it and overall it was very dense with quite a strong rum taste in certain areas. My guess is that the mixing wasn't done thoroughly enough.

Hibiscus Cheese Phyllo

Undoubtedly the star of the desserts (at least for me), the Hibiscus Cheese Phyllo (or filo if you so wish) came looking very much like an egg omelette. The filling looked like yam ice cream instead of cheese, which was really quite interesting. Texture and taste wise, it reminded me of a partially melted cheese flavoured ice cream with a slight fruity connotation. A delectable dish but one not one I would recommend to consume too much of as the cheese taste can be a little overwhelming after a while.

Total bill for 8 pax with drinks cost about $337, which is definitely not expensive given the quality and amount of food. Dinner is unhurried and pleasant with great service from Clement himself as well as the other wait staff. There is this little herb garden in which Clement grows his own flora for use in his dishes. Do ask to see it if you happen to dine at Eden's. How about an encore folks? Seedless grape chicken? ;)

Final Verdict:

Value for money:7/10


Address: 54 Club Street

Contact: 65361181


Comments: Please remember to call to prebook your meals at least 2 days in advance. For the menu, please call to check.


LiquidShaDow said...

The hibiscus cheese filo thing looks mouth watering...hahaha

fatpig said...

Its really quite good. :D

Newbie Foodie said...

I second the encore man. Anytime at all. It was a good experience. More people should try this place out. Its small, but the food is very good indeed.

fatpig said...

Maybe we can have it with moley and Hock Lee before he leaves for the states? Or you wanna do with one the Hua Ting group?

icewine said...

you are definitely very well-informed of great digs here in SG. This looks awesome, and the menu, unique. Tks once again, for keeping us in the loop.


fatpig said...

You flatter me bianca. I heard about this place from my friends who tried Helios out before it closed its doors to the public. :)

Mel said...

Loved the salmon dish. Great sauce, great mushroom. Heavenly Crème Brûlée too. I'll like to try the creamless mushroom soup next time..

fatpig said...

Another trip down? :D

Newbie Foodie said...

Yo man, i don't mind doing it with any group. Fact is, i'm bringing my colleagues down to try more stuff in a couple of days! Anyway, u organize, i'll be there. Btw hi mel!

Mel said...

Hi Jonathan!

Yeah..we should definitely go back. Hopefully he's got some new main courses and appetizers we could try! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool man, but wads it like? as in everyone share one main course eg the red wine steak? or everyone has a serving of the steak?

fatpig said...

Everyone shares the main courses. For the red wine beef, we had 2 portions. Other stuff like the salmon and the chicken, we had 3 portions.

Anonymous said...

Oh i see! Btw, saw your post at HGW, go sign up an account with Blurbme

Its similar to HGW, but i feel its better than HGW! haha

Newbie Foodie said...

Hi again mel!

Yeah, hopefully the menu is real. Just finished Flutes @ the Fort today. Quite yummy though expensive.
Gonna be going back to Eden tomorrow with collegues. The menu clement proposed is totally new.
*keeping fingers crossed for it to be good*

Anonymous said...

If you like Crème Brûlée, try Menotti at Raffles City. I feel it's even better than at Eden Cafe, wat's even better is 50% off all pastry after 10pm. And surprisingly, the pastry are consider not so costly even before discount. And you have to try 'Duomo'. it's a MUST.

fatpig said...

Hi anonymous, I've tried all the desserts at Menotti's, having been there at least 5 times? I have 2 writeups on the desserts at Menottis dated last year I think. I agree with you that the duomo is nice =)

Anonymous said...

I was curious about this cafe and began searching for reviews... and i came acrossed this site.


fatpig said...

I looked through the review and realised that the poster only tried out the salads? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

After hearing all the good reviews I decide to give a try. Went to Eden on sat evening is was not very pack only have 3 groups of people there. Decide to try the red wine beef but sadly they said they don't have this dish. Was quite disappointed cause I came to try this dish. So my boyfriend and I order Brown sauce beef and Balsemic Strawberry Beef medium rare, creamless mushroom soup and beer.

The mushroom soup has little purple flower in it but I can't finish the soup cause I feel like getting sick of drinking it. Next is our beef we order medium rare but serve well done, it took me quite a while to finish chewing the meat. And the brown sauce beef was nothing special it was like those which could be found in kopitiam. I didn't order any desert as I don't feel like eating anymore. The service was slow and not very please, I won't go back to have my meal again.

fatpig said...

Hi Vendi, sorry to hear about your less than pleasant experience. If you want dishes such as the red wine beef, I believe you have to pre order before hand. Our meals at Eden have always been made to order =)