Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pier Eleven

Waterfront dining is the rage nowadays, a concept made popular by Italian restaurant, Il Lido. Imagine a breathtaking view of the sea as the sun slowly sets in the horizon. As darkness falls, the stars and the shimmering sea play company. It definitely doesn't get anymore romantic than that. Pier Eleven is one of the latest restaurants to jump on the bandwagon to offer dining by the sea.
Hidden at the tip of Marina South in the Marina South Pier, an area synonymous with cheap steamboat buffets, one would hardly expect to find any form of fine dining.


The restaurant honestly didn't look like much from the outside. It reminded me of normal cafe with translucent curtains at the front door acting as a veil against prying eyes. But as I stepped in, I was quite amazed by the transformation. The interior, though sparsely furnished, had a brightly lighted corner for art appreciation and funky wavy looking chairs that are not half as uncomfortable as they look. What impressed me most was the dim lighting and cosy corner tables, which my gf and I had the privilege to sit at (of course water side seats would have been better, but they were all taken up. Not to mention it was a little warm that evening, so air conditioning would have been preferred).


Menu & Ice Lychee Tea

Complimentary bread

Bread, bread and more bread. I didn't quite fancy the complimentary bread as they tasted pretty much like your run off the mill kind. On a positive note, the bread was warm and soft on the inside.

Chef's creation of Caesar Salad with Poached Egg, served warm

Looking like your ordinary Caesar salad with the exception of a poached egg atop, I really didn't expect too much out of it. Surprise surprise, it was actually quite good. The poached egg added a tinge of rawness to the slightly salty salad gravy (I suspect its watered down soya sauce) while the cheese slices gave it a much needed cohesion. Think of it as a catalyst to harmonise the flavours. The vegetables do need a little sprucing up though, appearing tired and a shade dull at times.

Garlic Prawn Soba

A chef's recommendation, this dish was clearly a winner in the making (for me at least). The larger than normal prawns were crunchy and carried a slightly grilled taste. Simply delicious. It helped that the chef was generous with the prawns. I didn't manage to try out the soba noodle as it was gone before I could try it. The dipping sauce tasted to me like a watered down version of Miso soup and it didn't quite make a difference. A stronger rendition might have done wonders.

Fillet Mignon with Portabello Mushroom & Shallot Red Wine Sauce

I am impressed with the steak. I guess that just about tells you how good it was. It certainly wasn't as good as Morton's, but definitely better than the one I had at Jaan and mind you, Jaan's rendition was really quite good (Okay there is really no basis for comparison as Jaan's is of a different cut. However, culinary skill wise, I'm more inclined towards Pier Eleven's). The meat was succulent and a little charred on the surface to give it that slightly burnt taste. Done just right. the meat thoroughly soaked in the shallot red wine sauce and exuded a certain sweetness without the noticeable taste of red wine. Not that I'm complaining though. The mushrooms were well, normal, as were the mashed potatos, which were grounded to a pulp.

Baked Chocolate with Vanilla Gelati

Served on a pretty looking flat glass dish with inscriptions on it, this dish was an art in itself. Beautifully presented, it really looked too dainty to be eaten. The chocolate cake was moist on the outside and molten on the inside. Oozing thick chocolate broke forth as the outer shell succumbed to the external pressure from our spoon. A worthy rival to Morton's I dare say. The only let down was the ice cream, which was nothing to shout about. One peeve though. How do you eat a cake with molten chocolate in it on a flat plate? I think common sense should prevail over aesthetics.


A lovely meal with friendly and great service to boot cost about $90 (before discount). Worth the money in my humble opinion, especially with the ambience you are getting and the quality of food. Sure portions are a tad small, but can be quite filling, as evident by my bursting waistline at the end of the meal. Do give this place a try, but remember to make reservations if you want to sit outside. As for me, I can see myself as a regular customer in the not too distant future.

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6.5/10


Address: #02-07 Marina South Pier, 31 Marina Coastal Drive

Contact: 65326950

Operating Hours: 1130am - 10.30pm

Comments: Its best if you drive, as parking is plentiful. If you don't, you can take bus 402 from Marina South MRT

PS: Please pardon my grainy pictures as it was really quite dim where I was sitting. Its the best my lowly camera can manage.


Anonymous said...

Cool, btw the bill is for two person rite? italian restaurant, mayb i try in the near future : )

fatpig said...

Ya 2 pax. Not Italian. Its more of fusion, according to them. lol.
By the way, have you selected your food? You were supposed to email me last night.

Anonymous said...

hi its me again

great to see more reviews from you, truly, they're good and informative.

I was just talking about this restaurant with a friend cos we were at the pier, and wondered if it would be nice. Thanks for answering my prayers.

I was wondering if you'd tried this French restaurant at Greenwood Avenue yet "Sebastien's Bistrot"? If yes, pls provide some comments thanka alot.

take care n keep it up

fatpig said...

Hi bianca, nice to see your comments again. Thank you for your kind words. Nope I've not tried Sebastiens. Walked past it a few times but never really occured to me to try it. So much to try, so little time and $ :p

Take care too.

Anonymous said...

i went there in apr 07 with the intention of celebrating my anniversary w my wife. location and ambience cannot be faulted, privacy w a view. however the service left much to be desired. The sissy fatty waiter (apparently the manager) was quite a turn-off in almost every sense. he was throwing a tantrum while clearing a table for a couple who wanted to switch to that particular table. 2nd-ly UOB credit cards was running a promo during that period and so happened that they had run out of the special item that day. any gd dining establishment would either inform the customer accordingly OR offer an alternative OR both. however, i had to inform the waiter myself of the promo and he had to check with his so-called sissy manager (i'll get to that later)..major lack of dissemination of information to floor staff. and the sissy was extremely unflexible and rude when questioned abt the promo. Feeling quited pissed off, we still ordered. But 10mins into plcing our order, we decided to leave the plc as we had lost the mood n appetite, which was a pity. Doubt we’ll ever go back. I’ll be happier n better off splashing my dough elsewhere.

Ps. Abt the sissy fella, I’m not over-stating the fact or calling him names, but I really dun like seeing a rather rotund male human with broken wrists prancing ard like some wash-out ballerina with a pompous attitude to match in a tight black t-shirt. Especially not at a roll-man-tic (pun intended) dinner. U be the judge of tat.

Anonymous said...

i better leave my initials before i'm accused of flaming :) MD here

fatpig said...

Hi MD, thanks for your comments!
I didn't encounter the manager you mentioned, luckily! I got this young lady who was very helpful and courteous. Maybe I was lucky. :)

Anonymous said...

definitely mate :) it's a pity the food sounds nice..but was just talking to my wife abt it last nite and we decided nv to go back haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi fatpig, considering your good review. i went to Pier Eleven for my birthday celebration with a bunch of my closest friends.

A truly memorable one. a feel good and romantic atmosphere. Simple work of God and man decorated the restaurant.

The real best thing is the food. fantastic! there are 20 of us. everyone of us get what we want in a twinkle of my hand. and they are beautifully presented. honestly, i have this prejudicial thinking, look good may taste horrible. but, this is different, it taste real amazing. I had:
1. thinly sliced salmon ( fresh and yummy)
2. Mushroom soup (rich and tasty!)
3. Crisp Cod fish ( cooked into perfection)
4. Baked Chocolate with vanilla gelati ( end it sweet)
5. have a slice of my friend's Phyllo Apple. geez... it's light and refreshing!! love it.. and it's truly callories friendly.

Service is fine, i didnt meet any sassy guy. Met the manager. He's kind, attentive and caring to my smallest needs. sing for me, helping us taking pictures (more than five times).hahah.. well, narcissistic me and friends.

fatpig said...

Hi Victoria, glad you liked it! This might be a little late, but happy birthday! =)