Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Had dinner at the Wheelock outlet of Sun with Moon cafe, a sister establishment of Sun Japanese Dining at CHIJMES. From what I know, both establishments have almost the same menu, with the exception of a few more upscale items that only Sun Japanese Dining carries.


The interior is significantly different from other Japanese restaurants that I've dined at, blending in modern architecture with wooden finishes and dim lighting to give that Zen feel. Nice cosy corner tables are seperated by a semi permeable screen which allow for some degree of privacy (Thats if you are lucky enough to get them).

Hitokuchi Pork Katsu - Deep Fried Pork Cube

This dish came on the recommendations list and I was all geared up to eat some kick ass pork. Sadly, it didn't quite meet my expectations. The pork was quite decent, chunky and chewy but the deep fried exterior made for a very nauseating experience after a few mouthfuls. Think a souped up version of Pork Katsu. Nothing fanciful to say the least.

Avocado Soft Shell Roll

As per my writeup on Sun Japanese Dining, the Avocado Soft Shell Roll was good. The rice was a tad sticky and the soft shell crab gave it a slight smoky taste. The generous drizzling of mayonnaise did help as well.

Ebi Tempura

Now for the bummer. The Ebi Tempura was merely average at best. For starters, the batter was a little too thick and tasteless and so were the prawns. The dipping sauce was bland as well, making the whole dish one big expensive joke ($22). The only saving grace was that the batter wasn't too heavy on the oil.

Pork Yakisoba - Stir Fried Noodle with Pork

The noodles had a slight burnt taste which went down quite well with me. The servings of pork slices were generous and so were the cuttlefish(?) shavings. A nice mixture of smokiness and saltiness as a whole. A word of caution against eating too much though.

Tofu Cheese Cake

An intriguing name, a less intriguing taste. No tofu taste whatsoever. Tasted like a lighter (and much smaller) version of the Cheese Cake to me. Decent rendition, coming across as fluffy and light, although a tad too sticky.

Monaka - Japanese Wafer filled with Sweet Potato, Red Bean & Ice cream

I've learnt that appearances can be deceiving. Such was the case with the Monaka. It looked absolutely tantalizing when I first set my eyes on it. Alas, it was anything but. The wafer tasted like it was made from low quality batter while the red bean came across as rather watery. The sweet potato tasted like red bean (how weird) and the ice cream was your run off the mill kind.
Sheer disappointment.


While I wouldn't say $79 is a lot to pay for Japanese food, its certainly pushing the limits for such an average display of food. I had certainly expected more from this place, given all the good things that I've heard about it. Or maybe its just that I ordered the wrong dishes.

Likes: Nice place to chill, decent Japanese food
Dislikes: A little pricey, some items on the menu are just bad, crowded most of the time

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6.5/10


Address: #03-15 Wheelock Place & #01-70 The Central @ Clarke Quay

Contact: 6733 6636(Wheelock), 6534 7784 (Central)

Here's what I had for dinner last Friday. No phototaking of the food was allowed so thought I would just slot whatever I have here.

Last but not least, a shot of the delicious Panna Cotta I had whilst attending the Shangri la Dialogue.


His Food Blog said...

IMHO, I do believe that you ordered the wrong dishes. I have personally tried the food at Chijmes and Wheelock and both experiences were fantastic. You might want to refer to my postings below on the food I ordered.



fatpig said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment! I looked through your both your entries and realised that I only tried 3 of the items you had, ie the cheescake, pork cheeks and the sashimi. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of raw stuff but if given a choice, I would prefer Shirashi's sashimi anytime. Your beef with raw egg dish sounds interesting. I'll probably drop by and try it someday. No tempura this time though.

Anonymous said...

Hi. You mentioned that no phototaking of the food was allowed at My Humble House. Did the staff specifically tell you so?

fatpig said...

Yup I doubled checked with the manager as well. Phototaking is allowed only for people pictures. Food pictures not allowed.

Anonymous said...

That is strange. I have seen food pictures for My Humble House posted on a couple of blogs, some really recent. Wonder when they came up with this policy...

fatpig said...

No idea. Was actually thinking of doing a dinner there next month, but if they don't allow me to take photos, i'll probably have to change the venue. Have already emailed them to ask.

fatpig said...

I've done a search and seen some of the photos. Gee I feel so cheated by the double standards now.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking of dining there too and was searching through the web when I chance upon your blog. I will definitely not go there if they do not allow phototaking of food. Hope you get some good news from them.

Btw, love your blog. Very informative. Will refer to your blog entries first before trying out new eating places in future.

fatpig said...

You are too kind. I will leave an update here once I get news from them. It better be good news or else I'll raise a ruckus. lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Will be looking forward to reading the good news on your blog. Will also be looking forward to your review and wonderful pictures of that restaurant real soon. In the meantime, I shall be having a blast reading your reviews of other restaurants.

fatpig said...

The verdicts out.

Email from Tung Lok:

Thank you for your feedback and interest in My Humble House. Will share with my colleagues your kind comments as well.

We appreciate your thoughts on us but are unfortunately unable to accede to your request due to strict company regulations on photography within our premises. We hope this will not deter you from visiting My Humble House though and look forward to welcome you.

Do let us know if we can make the arrangement for you or assist with anything else.

Anonymous said...

haha.. how come so funny cannot take photo one. "We hope this will not deter you from visiting My Humble House..." Confirm defer food bloggers from going one. lol

Hmm.. i also feel that mayb u order the wrong dishes at Sun with Moon? i personally like Sun with Moon very much, mayb u shld go on lunch instead of dinner? their lunch set meals are rather reasonable i feel : )

fatpig said...

Maybe I did order the wrong dishes, but a good Japanese restaurant should have good basic stuff like tempura. No? Don't know man lol

Anonymous said...

Cuttlefish shavings you're referring to are actually Bonito flakes. =x

Most of the dishes I had at Sun with Moon were pretty good. The Monaka at Central wasn't that bad to me, consistency, taste, etc. But that may be because I had 1/4 of it on the red bean paste side. LOL~


Anonymous said...

I am not a food blogger but won't patronise My Humble House too. A restaurant that doesn't allow customers to take pictures of their food either lacks confidence in the food they serve or is one heck of a snobbish establishment. Neither is a positive sign.

fatpig said...

Aza, maybe I had too high an expectation. I think I still prefer Jap restaurants like keyaki, shirahi, nadaman lol.

fatpig said...

Anonymous, Humble House is out for me as well and so are the other Tung Lok fine dining restaurants, namely Jade and probably Club Chinois(not too sure about Club Chinois though cause I've seen photos of the food). Anyway I've grilled their promotions and advertising manager about the double standards. Waiting for her to reply.

Anonymous said...

Have tried both Jade and Club Chinois. Didn't find the food fantastic for the price they are charging so IMHO you won't be missing much by giving them a skip.

Have to agree with you on your opinion of Sun with Moon. It is completely out of the league from restaurants such as Keyaki, Shiraishi and Nadaman.

fatpig said...

My email:

Thank you for your email. I understand your company's regulations but a quick search on the internet today has netted me quite a few photographs of My Humble House, both of the interior and food. Some of the photos are as recent as the end of May. Am I then to understand that Tung Lok practises double standards?

Tung Lok's reply:

Most of the requests for photography were made officially with purpose of use stated and only approved on a case-by-case basis unless it was done without our authority.

Please allow us to clarify that as a publicly listed company we do not practise double standards and moreso guarded on various forms of publicity at our restaurants.

I rest my case. No more Tung Lok for me. To think I even purchased their Tung Lok First card.

R said...

Goodness, fp, I'm sorry to hear about the photography issue... I have rather a good impression of Tung Lok, until now that is. Knowing that they are being so yaya, I mean snobbish, about matters that have absolutely NO need for that sort of reaction is definitely off-putting.

After a bit of thought, perhaps the only logical reason why they disallow photography is that they want to keep the "mystery" alive. haha. I know it sounds a damn fancy idea but the "mystery" element does draw people there- to see and experience for themselves what they can never see without paying a visit. Either that or they're just kiasu about people using the photos for other purposes, like stock photography for leaflets of other eateries. hohoho.... >_<"

OR simply, they are one big bunch of snobs.


fatpig said...

Maybe you are right. Maybe its the mystery factor that draws people to the restaurants. But whatever their reason may be, there is definitely no need for such a reply imo. I used to have a good impression of Tung Lok as well, but I guess their PR skills really need polishing. Until then, they can kiss my money goodbye. My friend even suggested cutting up the Tung Lok card and sending it back to them lol.

R said...

Yep, I was gonna say something like that... about the card. :p haha. Sometimes, when they know they have lost a good customer, they tend to apologise... but oh well, they think they have every lawyer, CEO, banker to fall back on.

Come to think of it, it is very possible that they're afraid of others imitating their dishes, especially when it does take heaps of effort and creativity on the chef's part to come up with something original. (:

Let's all just forget about tung lok for now. lol. A not-sure-if-it's-good move would be to boycott them, though I don't think that will deliver a significant blow to them- unless you know alot of their regulars. haha. I mean, if I was a regular and I hear about such behaviour, I'd be disappointed and probably ask them why. If they give me some sort of lame answer then it's one big bye! Afterall, good food can't save bad attitudes. lol.

Thus concludes the tung lok saga. :D