Monday, July 16, 2007

Ice Cream Chefs

Ever fancy something extra in your ice cream? Or perhaps something different from the normal cup or cone ice cream you get outside? Ice Cream Chefs has the answer! Alright I know that sounds like a cheesy commercial tagline. But seriously, Ice Cream Chefs does offer something that deviates from the norm - an avenue to "customise" your ice cream with toppings such as oreo cookies, chocolate chips and candies with promises to introduce more stuff in the near future. There is also an option to mix and match ice cream flavours to suit your preferences.

Shopfront & Range of ice cream flavours available

Sitting pretty alongside East Coast Road, just further down from Hong Kong Cafe, Ice Cream Chefs is rather easy to miss unless you maintain a look out for its purple sign board. Add in the fact that the location shares the same address as Ocean Park Condominium and you get a really confusing road trip. Tip: You have to make a right into the private carpark just after you make a right turn from East Coast Road into the road leading up to Ocean Park Condominium. There you press the red button followed by the code 0106 and politely request for the person on the other line to open the barrier for you. Do note that parking spaces are limited though.

The not so complete process of making ice cream

The folks at Ice Cream Chefs take pride in hand making their ice cream. According to what I understand from the very short conversation I had with one of the guys, the process of making the ice cream involves leaving flavoured milk to harden on a flat pan like surface and flipping it over when one side hardens (something to that effect. Please dont berate me if I get it wrong).

The DIY ice cream process

Step 1: Scrape the ice off the hard top and plonk down a set amount of the ice cream of your choice.
Step 2: Flatten the ice cream with the provided set of huge metal spoon lookalikes (whatever those are called)
Step 3: Place desired toppings on the flattened ice cream and drizzle the complimentary chocolate syrup over it.
Step4: Use the spoons to forcefully crush the toppings to blend in with the ice cream and with a little mixing, your customised ice cream is ready to be served!

Disclaimer: The steps are based on what my experiences first hand and it may or may not represent the actual set of steps.

My creation - Blueberry + Durian Ice Cream topped with Oreos & Famous Amos cookies!

A regular scoop of ice cream goes for about $3+ if I remember correctly and a medium scoop goes for $4+ ( Please pardon my poor memory, but its all around that price range). For the ice cream lovers, there's a bigger tub option as well. Novelties aside, I personally liked my creation quite a bit (no I'm not narcissistic) and the quality of ice cream was comparable to that of Ben & Jerry's, albeit a little less robust. Would like to see more basic flavours though. Maybe banana? Mangosteen?

Rating: 7.5/10

Address: 520 East Coast Road #01-06 (Ocean Park)

Contact: 64466355

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 12pm to 10pm & Fri-Sat 12pm to 11pm



Anonymous said...

Can we make our own ice cream at ice cream chefs? is the location of ice cream chefs in a condominium? :X

fatpig said...

Hi Anonymous,

Its part of the condo but on the outer side. Its visible from the main road. I don't think you can make your ice cream though =)

Foodaholic said...

Is dere DIY icecream? :DD Is ice cream chefs near st patrick's sch? How to get dere from st patrick's? :D