Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes! Asian Cafe

Dropped by this newly opened cafe at AMK Hub for a quick hunger fix with my gf whilst waiting for our movie to start.


Located prominently right next to the Taxi stand at AMK Hub, this little glass eatery boasts a full glass facade which allows for a view of the outside world and vice versa. The ordering system here is very much like that of Han's. You make your orders at the counter, pay for it and wait for the food to be served to your table. Simple and clear cut.

Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Supposedly the top selling drink in the eatery and great for a warm day, the Grass Jelly Milk Tea was nothing more than normal milk tea topped with a glob of grass jelly. Gee. How special can that get? And $3 for that is a joke.

Rice Ball Set

I found this dish interesting as rice balls are quite rare in Singapore. The only stall I know that still sells rice balls is in Jalan Besar. My set consisted of 3 types of rice balls - Chicken, Teppanyaki and Thai Style. The chicken one had chicken rice wrapped around small chunks of chicken whereas the Teppanyaki one had chicken wrapped in normal rice and drizzled with teppanyaki sauce. The Thai Style rice ball was probably the best tasting one, with raisins and a little spice in the chicken filling. Honestly, I didn't find any of the 3 balls good, coming across as merely average as the rice was too dry. But I guess its the novelty factor.

Hor Fun Carbonara

An interesting twist to the usual hor fun, with the salty starchy gravy replaced by the cream based Carbonara. Topped with plentiful ham slices and mushrooms, the hor fun didn't impress though as it was clumped together and the sauce was a tad too weak and runny. I quite liked the idea though. But then again, its a bad example of an east meets west aka fusion dish.

Total damage was about $14 inclusive of another glass of Coke.

Rating: 6/10

Address: #01-40, AMK Hub

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