Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bermuda Triangle

Caught one of the Chinese variety shows, HDB Tai Tai, recommending Bermuda Triangle, a bistro selling western food in the heartlands. First time I went there, it was full and I didn't really fancy waiting an hour just to have my dinner. I got lucky the second time though and there were a few tables left when I arrived with my gf at about 630pm.

Exterior & Interior

Tucked away in a sleepy neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio just below a block of HDBs, Bermuda Triangle is barely visible even from the main road, which is rather ironical as the flats are just next to the road. I guess that says alot about its visibility. Inside its rather small and crampish interior, mini flags of different countries adorn the place and theres a pool table to boot. Overall a very nice and cosy environment, the kind where you would go for a nice after dinner drink and just relax. Now whats missing is a fireplace if you ask me.

Menu & Drinks

Cream of Mushroom Soup

I like the cream of mushroom soup solely for the fact that it was served in a bread bowl and nothing else. The soup was tasteless and a little on the runny side. It was quite bad actually and we had to resort to adding salt in to make it more palatable. To give it credit, it tasted like it was homemade and not straight of out of the can kind. The bread, though warm and slightly crisp, was just your regular round baguette which you can buy off the shelves at any bakery.

Jimi Hendrix Chicken Steak - Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Served with Salad & Mashed Potato

I honestly do not see the association between Jimi Hendrix the singer and a piece of teriyaki chicken. Nevertheless, aesthetics wise, it was a mess with the chicken overly dark and not the least bit appetising. Soft and moist, the chicken was rather rather charred and devoid of the teriyaki taste, which is surprisingly really, given that its supposed to be teriyaki chicken. To top it off, the accompanying fries were limp and soggy. Jimi Hendrix was a success. The chicken was a failure.

Toad in the Hole - Traditional Oven Baked Yorkshire Sausage Pudding Served with Onion Gravy

A most interesting name and one of the dishes recommended by the variety show. I had seen beautiful images on television and I had expected something similar or at least something not too far from the original image. Imagine my shock when I saw this dish. The sausages were badly charred at the ends and the whole dish looked like a kid's cooking class gone wrong. The pudding itself tasted rather bland save for an eggy taste. I haven't eaten too many Yorkshire puddings in my life to comment on what a good pudding should be like but if its going to turn out like this, I'm swearing off Yorkshire pudding for good. Okay I exaggerate. Its not as bad as it seems. Still palatable but not something I'll wanna eat again if given a choice. I did like the onion gravy though, which tasted very similar to mashed potato gravy.


What did I say about never trusting commercial reviews? Now I got myself burnt once again. Sure, $28 for 2 pax isn't expensive, but its $28 too much. The place is cosy and service is excellent, but I'll think twice before eating there again.

Likes: Excellent service, cosy place
Dislikes: Food is average at best

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #01-3046

Contact: 64532533

Opening Hours: 1130am - 1030pm daily (last order at 930pm)


Anonymous said...

Its funny what 15 seconds of TV fame can do for a place:) Maybe their old chef quit to become a soap star?

fatpig said...

Probably. Or maybe there wasn't a chef after all lol.

Anonymous said... much a review on TV can do to the restaurant...

Hmmm..I was having some doubts about the places reviewed on HDB Tai I'll definitely think twice before trying them!

fatpig said...

I think its best to take such program recommendations with a huge pinch of salt =)