Monday, September 03, 2007


Ran some errands at Vivo City with my gf and settled for dinner at Modestos, which happened to be one of the few outlets not packing in the crowd at dinner time.

Rather obscurely located at a corner of Vivo City (which might, to a certain degree, explain its lack of patrons), Modesto's boasts a nice waterfront view through its floor to ceiling windows (at its Vivo City outlet only) and a cosy brick laid interior that gives it a much welcomed casual intonation.


Complimentary Bread

I didn't hope for much when I set my eyes on the bread and sure enough, it wasn't much. The bread was a little too dry, probably from being left in the open for too long. Quantity wise was also rather pathetic. What you see in the picture above is what they gave us, nothing more, nothing less.

Fritto Misto Di Modesto

A relatively large platter of deep fried soft shell crab, squid, prawns and silver breams which looked very appetizing the minute I set my eyes on it. However it didn't quite meet expectations. The deep fried soft shell crab, though crispy and fragrant, was a tad too salty for my liking while the squids were rather soft and limp, not chewy, giving the impression of being overcooked. The silver breams and prawns were close to tasteless as well - no sweetness from either seafood nor any taste from the light but bland batter. Alright I'm just being picky and it is still a decent dish. Bang for the buck wise, its still an open verdict.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Honestly, this is the first time I'm having such a pizza - one which is divided into 4 different sections, each with a different topping. One part olive, one part seafood, one part ham and one part mushrooms. Presents a rather challenging task if you ask me, as different ingredients require different amounts of cooking time. The chef must have known his stuff as the pizza turned out fairly good. Using tomato sauce as the base, it didn't come across as too overwhelming and the crust was reasonably thin and full of bite, but just a little burnt around the edges. Ingredients were generous and cooked just right, complementing the pizza very well. I must say that this is one of the better pizzas that I've tried. Give me this over Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza anyday.

Rigatoni All' Amatriciana

I've never been a fan of tomato based pastas simply because I prefer its cream base relative and that most of the pastas I've eaten which utilizes such a base tend to have this overwhelming tomato taste. Modesto's rendition of the Rigatoni, which is a tomato based pasta, didn't have this problem though. The tomato sauce was mild, in fact a little too mild to fall short of tasty and came with bits of pork bacon and onions, which did serve to enhance the overall flavour (luckily). The large tube pasta was a little undercooked though and I seriously think that this dish could do with more ingredients for its price.

Tiramisu Modesto's

I've been on a Tiramisu roll these few days and so this came as a natural extension to my meal, especially when it came highly recommended. Comparing this to the one I had at Romano Ristorante, this one was actually much finer and definitely more presentable. Though it came across as light and fluffy, the sponge to cream ratio was rather skewed, with the latter being the predominant party. Thus I couldn't quite taste the texture of the cake, which is quite sad really.


After a 30% discount, the bill worked out to be about $60 for 2 pax ($87 before discount), which still falls within my range of reasonable pricing, but do away with the discount and I might have to think really hard before coming back. Service is good though, but I don't really fancy paying so much for a casual dinner.

Likes: Decent Italian food, good view(Vivo outlet only)
Dislikes: A little pricey

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10 (without discount)


Address: #01-166 Vivo City. Other branches at #01-09 Orchard Parade Hotel & #01-05 The Elizabeth Hotel

Contact: 63769808 (VC), 62357808 (OPH) & 6736 (TEH)

Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm (VC only)


ps: Had this limited edition 12 inch cake for dessert.


His Food Blog said...

Ok, please enlighten me. I have been following your blog and realised that you have been having huge discounts ranging from 10% - 50% for your meals. How did you do that?

R said...

(Sorry fp, for butting in, haha. Motor-mouthed me can't resist. lol.)

Kalos, I believe it's the credit card promotions. Alot of resturants have all-year-round discounts for different cards. eg. 15% for UOB, American express; 10% for HSBC, OCBC, DBS, whatever else, and the list goes on. But I must state that these are only examples and not necessarily true. haha.

In any case... fp, if the tiramisu is tiramisu and not tiramisu cake, they should be, by right, made of sponge fingers. Sponge fingers are somewhat hard and biscuit-like rather than what their name suggests, spongecake-like. The sponge fingers would have been dipped briefly into KahlĂșa liqueur, thus turning them into soggy messes once they sit the ramekin with the mascarpone. They should taste more like moist-ish(or "soggy", if you prefer) biscuits than cake, without any substantial texture. But I suppose some places do use REAL sponge cake which would make the tiramisu's even soggier and gross-er, unless they skip the skinny-dipping (bad pun).

I used to work in an italian restaurant when I was much younger. I abandoned my duties to stand behind the kitchen counter everyday so I can watch the commis guy make tiramisu for the next day's dinner. Once, I actually got my hands on a smaller portion of tiramisu. hahaha. All-in-all, tiramisu is more pudding than cake. Hope that helps in your tiramisu appraisal.

(many) Cheers,
Rei (^-^)//

fatpig said...

Hi Kalos, most of the discounts are from credit card deals or through dining cards like the Feed At Raffles Card or the Pan Pacific Card etc.

Rei: no worries and thanks for the insight into the making of a Tiramisu. Just one quick question, is the taste of the Kahlua supposed to be apparent? Thanks! :)

R said...

Well, I'm not to decide what should be a perfect tiramisu. (: But a good one should taste rather strongly of sweet coffee, but not in an overwhelming manner. It should be aromatic, with a slight hint of alcohol. Should not have any watery remnants at the bottom of the ramekin. If there's watery brown stuff at the bottom, means they soaked the fingers in for too long. Some places do use regular instant coffee though. The difference is huge, even for a non-coffee fan such as myself. Haha.

fatpig said...

Sweet coffee...hmm ok.. I should try my hand at making it one day! lol