Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prego Part II

Was back once again at Prego in hope that things would be better after my disappointing last visit some months back. Actually cheapskate/greedy me was cajoled by the fact that I could order/stuff more for the price with 50% off.


Spacious with high ceilings and huge windows that look out to the pedestrian walkway just outside, Prego doesn't strike you as an Italian restaurant in any way. And certainly not one which practices the fine dining concept.


A stunning piece of art, a most aesthetic presentation of this humble Italian dish in all its glory. Pity such stellar comments couldn't be extended to its taste. For one, the bread was way too toasted and hard, marring the whole should have been crispy on the crust yet soft on the inside experience. I couldn't detect any olive oil taste on the bread as well, which made this dish as good as eating dried croutons with diced tomatoes.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

A most common Italian dish, but to do it well takes quite a bit of skill. Prego's rendition was certainly not the best that I've tried but I dare say its probably one of the better ones. The pasta was al dente while the gravy wasn't too dense, going well with the very generous servings of bacon bits. Salty yet creamy, my personal favourite.

Calzone Farcito - Folded Pizza with Smoked Ham, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Black Olive, Artichokes, Pork Sausage, Smoked Scamorza Cheese and Spinach

This is honestly the first time I've tried a folded pizza and frankly, it definitely will not be the last time. Gimmicks aside, it reminded me of a huge curry puff with loads of stuffing in it. The dough was nice and chewy while the stuffings guarantee more than a mouthful. Only gripe I have was that the dough was a tad too oily, as evident by the dabs of oil on the exterior. I still like it though!

Crema Bruciata al Basilico, Composizione di Frutti di Bosco

Though the Creme Brulee didn't look the least bit appealing with its a little too charred sugar layer, it was quite good if I may say. The layer of sugar was thin and didn't stick to my teeth while the pudding was soft and quivery with a nice tinge of basil. Coupled with the contrastingly sour raspberry and hibiscus sherbet, it was really a pleasure to eat.


The Tiramisu was 70% Mascarpone cheese and 30% sponge, resulting in a dessert that was as light as air. Adding to the delightful equation was the slight taste of kahlua, which I believe came from soaking the sponge fingers in the liquor. However, it did seem a tad watery at the bottom.


Well $52 for 2 pax (after discount) is a steal for the quantity and quality of food. If this dinner is anything to go by, I'll definitely be back for more.

Likes: Above average food, portions are not dainty
Dislikes: Not exactly cheap without discount

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10 (without discount)


Address:Level 1, Raffles The Plaza, 80 Bras Basah Road


Opening Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm & 6.30pm to 10.30pm Daily


weiyan said...

Hey there, I really enjoyed reading your blog! All the food.. wowww.

Anyway, just wondering why you had 50% off. Is it some membership card promotion? How do I get one?

fatpig said...

Hello yarn,
the discount comes from the feed at raffles card, which offers 50% off at almost all the restaurants under Raffles The Plaza, Swissotel Merchant Court and Raffles Hotel. You have to buy the card from Raffles. :)

HairyBerry said...
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HairyBerry said...

Oppss, accidentally removed my comment...The creme brulee looked very interesting! I can imagine how wonderful the contrasting taste is between the sorbet and the caramelized sugar layer. Very nice bruschetta pic, btw!

fatpig said...

The contrast is really wonderful. And thanks for the compliment! :)

HairyBerry said...

You're welcome. Btw, I've added you in my Foodspirations section. :D

fatpig said...

Thanks for adding! I see that you blog about food as well. You should join us some day for dinner :)

R said...

hello fp!~ hmmmm... watery tiramisu again. haha. i just had some at my bf's cousin's wedding reception and boy, it was terrible. as in it was just like eatign soggy bread with cocoa powder. no creamy cheese. disgusting to say the least.

i read that prego is having a charity thing going on. $10 for a portion of lasagne and proceeds go to a charity fund. is it still ongoing? :)

in anycase, seems like all the hyped places seldom live up to their names? the wedding dinner was at four seasons hotel and the banquet food was simply awful. awful for a hotel of that calibre... i mean, seriously? i might blog about it soon. lol.

HairyBerry said...

Thanks for the invite! Sure, let's do that! Good food is hard to resist! :)

fatpig said...

Hi Rei,saw the charity event as well but can't remember the exact date. Think its over though.

I think the problem with hyped up places is that they were once good but once people start raving about them, they get complacent and standards start dropping. Either that or maybe we are just picky.

Lesson learnt over the years. Wedding dinners at high class hotels tend to suck. lol.

fatpig said...

Nic, maybe you could leave me a means to contact you and we can work from there? Thanks!