Friday, November 09, 2007

Ragazzi the Italian Kitchen

There seems to be a growing trend of opening what used to be deemed more exclusive food (Italian, French etc) in food/hawker centres with competitive prices to boot. Ragazzi the Italian Kitchen is one such outlet to jump on the bandwagon to offer quality Italian food at coffeeshop prices.


Located at a rather obscure coffeeshop under a block of flats in the Ghim Moh estate, Ragazzi is owned and run by Gabriel Cher, ex chef-de partie of The Oriental's Dolce Vita (Interestingly, Dolce Vita serves Mediterranean food now, not Italian). Business was rather slow on a wet Saturday evening and one can only wonder if its the lack of publicity, wet weather or quality of food thats keeping the crowds at bay.

Zuppa alla Funghi ($2.50)

For $2.50 a pop, I certainly wasn't expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the soup was made from ground mushrooms and onions, which was evident from the taste and texture. Only thing that could been improved was its thickness. It did come across as a little too watery but hey, its definitely value for money.

Bruschetta ($3)

The bruschetta could have been good but was let down by a few factors. The good things first. Well toasted with the sides a little charred but soft and warm within. Now for the bad part. There was an way too much olive oil on the middle portion of the bread, which made it a little too soggy. Tomatoes on the top didn't look very fresh but did provide the necessary texture and zest.

Melanzane al Forno ($4.50)

I've never been a fan of eggplants and this wasn't about to change anything. The eggplant was a little too soft for my liking but I did like the layer of grilled cheese on top.

Carbonara ($7)

Being a cream based pasta lover, I naturally ordered the Carbonara to be on the safe side. The pasta was a tad too overcooked and the gravy did come across as a little too thick, rendering me nauseous after a while. However I would still say its very decent with the respectable bacon toppings and definitely better than anything pasta mania or the likes can whip up.

Del Bosco ($6)

As with the Carbonara, the Del Bosco's pasta was a tad too overcooked as well but what won me over were the sausages, which tasted thoroughly smoked but was a tad too salty. The tomato sauce wasn't outstanding, being average at best.

Tiramisu ($4.50)

I would be lying if I said that the Tiramisu was decent. To be honest, it was terrible. For one, the sponge fingers weren't soaked in Kahlua. It tasted more like fruit essence or something. Also, the mascarpone cheese was a little too dense and the whole thing was rather watery(water logged would have been appropriate too) at the bottom. It definitely didn't help that too much Cocoa powder was added as well.

All in all, a very filling dinner for 2 pax cost $27.50, which is very pricey by hawker standards but cheap by restaurant standards. Overall food quality is still decent so you might want to give this place a shot if you are craving for Italian food but not willing to fork out the dough for it.

Likes: Decent food, cheap compared to restaurants
Dislikes: A little pricey for hawker centre fare

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: Blk 10 Ghim Moh Rd

Contact: 96934228

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 11.30am - 9.30pm

Sat, Sun & PH: 5pm - 10pm


R said...

hello fp! i believe you meant to say "ground" instead of "grounded". sorry!! hope you don't mind me spellcheck-busting you. >_< i've always thought i might get retribution for annoying people like that. lol

fatpig said...

Hi rei! no worries. I'm glad to have you pointing out my errors =)

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