Sunday, November 25, 2007

Werner's Oven

Had a thing for German food one day so popped down to Werner's Oven for lunch. To date, my only experience with German food was the rather good dinner at Magma, which I hoped Werner's Oven could emulate.

Housed in a small shop along East Coast Road in the Siglap area, Werner's has been featured in various television programs as well as articles touting its authentic and tasty German food. The interior is simple yet homely complete with a bar counter and nice Christmas look a like decorations.

Fried Camembert

Interestingly, when I first ordered this dish, I had hoped it would be on par with the one I had at Senso some time back. Unfortunately, it wasn't half as good although I have to admit that the cheese was nice and a little molten in the centre while the exterior was deep fried to a crisp. Would have preferred the core to be a little firmer though as it did seem a little too gooey for my liking.


In all honesty, the calamari was good the first few pieces as the batter tasted like those you would find on onion rings. You might wonder why its only the first few pieces. Well because the batter was way too oily and when eaten with the accompanying Mayonnaise, rendered me nauseous really fast, especially when everything turned cold.

Fleischkase - German Meatloaf with Sauteed Potatoes and Fried Egg

I shall refrain from complaining, but the Fleischkase was a joke! It really tasted like luncheon meat to me, albeit of a more substantial chunk and less salty variation. For the price, I rather eat luncheon meat!

Schmorbraten - Beef Pot Roast with Dumpling, Boiled Potatoes

The Schmorbraten's gravy looked and tasted a little too dense but the beef was still acceptable - nice and tasty but a little too chewy. Nothing fantastic though and I probably wouldn't order this again.

Rote Grutze - Sweet Sour Cherry and Raspberry Sago with Vanilla Sauce

A rather interesting dish and I must admit that I've never tried it before. However, it wasn't as special as I had made it out to be. The sago came submerged under a layer of vanilla sauce and its texture reminded me of jam. So just imagine jam under a layer of creamy tasting sauce. Not something I'll order again as it was a little too weird for me.

Baked Cream Cheese Cake

I wasn't too impressed with the cheesecake as it wasn't as creamy as I would have liked it to be and the accompanying ice cream tasted like king's ice cream! Decent nevertheless.


$78 for lunch for 3 pax is really expensive given the quality of food. I would be hard pressed to find a reason to return, rave reviews in the media or not. On a side note, Werner's operates a bakery just next door as well, which sells some really cool German bread.

Likes: Nice place
Dislikes: Food quality average, not cheap

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: 6 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02/03

Contact: 6442 3897

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday , 8.30am - 10.00pm


Anonymous said...

I been following your blog for quite a while and applaud you for your honesty; unlike other food blogs, getting pretentious over publicity intoxication.

However, I find it rather disturbing that you rate food based on your likings and not on the authenticity.

Although, one man's meat is another man's poison. Trying non-native food goes with the same doctrine of caveat emptor. I found your judgment a little too harsh and insulting to the restaurateur

fatpig said...

Hi there! thank you for your comments. May I just say that I, for one, am no expert in the authenticity of food hence I have no choice but to rate the food based on my personal taste, which in itself is very subjective.

Please do not get me wrong, my idea is not to insult anyone or any stall. Its just to share my own humble thoughts. =)

Camemberu said...

Wah, you didn't try the pork knuckle at Werner's ar?

Interesting comment about authenticity (above). It's great if a certain non-native food is prepared close to its original form, but if it still doesn't "taste good" to us, genuine appreciation will still be difficult.

fatpig said...

I had a sore throat that day so decided to keep off the pork knuckles although it was really tempting. lol.

momo esther said...

loooks really yummy!!

Anonymous said...

As one who has lived in Germany for more than a handful of years, I must say the food At Werners is quite authentic. You are right, Fleischkaese is very much like luncheon meat. German desserts are also not as sweet as American desserts, which is what most Singaporeans are used to. Perhaps the conclusion is not so much the food was bad, but you don't fancy German food all that much?

fatpig said...

Hi there! You may be right about me not really liking German food. But the funny thing is that I kinda liked the food in Berlin when I went there for a holiday. =)

xxoos said...

i think it's the choice of food that just didn't happen to suit your taste. for me i really enjoyed my meals at werners, and depending on the choice of food, there's some pretty good steals which unfortunately you didn't chance upon.

as for the fried camembert, it has to be soft and gooey on the inside if not there's really no point in frying it!

the point in authenticity, i think there's also a need to consider the clientele. werner's serves a rather large percentage of expats, so i guess, it needs to not only consider the local taste but the expats tastes too. actually, i'm not really for localisation of foreign cusines so i might be biased. haha~

fatpig said...

Hi there, thank you for your comments! As for the fried camembert, I beg to differ. I've tried really excellent fried cheeses before, though not all camembert. =)