Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Eden Cafe Part II

Attended a dinner function organised by a food review site at Eden Cafe, of which I had the opportunity to visit when it first opened a few months back. See my writeup here.
I shall let my pictures do the talking in this entry because it wouldn't be fair for me to comment as I was very late and tried to make up for lost time by wolfing down my food.


White Wine Tea

Tomato Based Seafood Soup & Endives with Mushroom and Bacon Canapes

Cod Fish & Rosemary Rose Petal Beef

Seedless Grape Chicken

Black Sesame Mushroom Pasta & Balsamic Strawberry Beef

Balsamic Mousse Cake & Hibiscus Cheese Cake

Wine Tea Floral Fruit Jello with Chocolate Brownie

For location details, please refer to my previous post here.

Merry Xmas!