Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sushi Jiro

Popped by the Siglap area for lunch one afternoon with my colleague and chanced upon Sushi Jiro while scouring the area for Japanese food.

Unpretentiously located along East Coast Road just before Siglap Centre, Sushi Jiro plays neighbour to the more illustrious Perle Noir, which incidentally, is never open for lunch. The decor is simple and you get to dine in private tatami rooms which can probably seat about 2-8 pax.


I've honestly not eaten enough Chawamushi to gauge whether Sushi Jiro's rendition was good, but I did like it for coming across as light on the palate. The addition of orange peel to the rather watery base was a nice touch as it introduced a slightly bitter dimension to the dish.

Wakadori Karaage

The chicken was nice and crispy but tasted like it had too much oil. Every bite brought forth a secretion of juices (oil + water), which got me worrying for my health really.


This dish piqued my curiosity quite a bit as I've never eaten stingray fins before. Lightly grilled, the fins were interesting but not something I would order again. It seemed rather salty for starters and when eaten with the mayonnaise, the flavours didn't seem to complement, to the extent of being weird.

Tempura Moriawase

Almost a staple regardless of which Japanese restaurant I patronise, the tempura batter was thin and light but a little too bland for my liking. I did like the prawns that came with it though, huge, fresh and sweet. The other stuff were rather average.

California Maki

I can't think of a better word than average to describe the California Maki. Rice was of the right texture but seemed a little too scattered. The only plus point was that it was covered with roe.


I would say that overall the meal was very average but the tatami rooms did make for a more private and enjoyable lunch. However, $58 for 2 pax might seem a little steep especially for the quality and quantity of food. That said, service is good and they have a rather novel system (at least in Singapore) of catching the wait staff's attention, which is to clap your hands.

Likes: Private Tatami rooms, good service
Dislikes: Average food, a little pricey

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: 695 East Coast Road

Contact: 6445 3055

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12pm-230pm, 6pm-10pm


Ms One Boobie said...

Definitely cheaper .. than what i paid for .. during my recent trip up in Halifax.. and the food wasn't that great either. They didn't know what chawanmushi was.. nor omu-rice..! ya.. !! and it's supposedly to be one of the best fine dining jap restaurant in Nova Scotia.. !! "peng shan"

fatpig said...

Thats weird.. I had chawamushi in Toronto...

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

fatpig said...

Hi y-maeda. nice to meet you too =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have eaten at Sushi Jiro a few time and feel that his food is very nice. As it is a Sushi Resturant, may i suggest u try Jiro San's sashimi or try his Kaizen Chirasi set lunch. His resturant is well know for his fresh sashimi, esp the Muguro Otoro which simply melt in ye mouth. Hope you give it a try if u like sashimi.

fatpig said...

Hi Jerrick,
thank you for your comments. Might drop by and try =)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This really helps. Cos I'm thinking of celebrating my friend's birthday there. Maybe I should give it a try for the private rooms and tatami floor mats.