Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Royal China Part III

Back at Royal China once again for dim sum. As this post will solely contain photos, please refer to my writeups here and here for more reading.


The 5 of us chalked up a bill of almost $205, which is really pushing expensive but we did eat alot. Stuffed and barely making it through the doors.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you and yours..! great dim sum.. :)

red fir said...

u din't mention the custard buns in your previous posts. how do they compare to other places'?

fatpig said...

The custard buns are quite decent but I wouldn't call them outstanding. The skin is a bit too thick. The custard has egg yolk in it though, which is lacking in a lot of the dim sum places.

red fir said...

oh but the fillings in the pix look like they're spilling out of the skin though.

victor's kitchen & bosses' custard buns do have egg yolks in them wat...though i can never catch the custard @ bosses coz they spurt out before i could catch them!! LOL

fatpig said...

Victor's didn't have egg yolk in them the last few times i went cause there was a shortage, according to the boss. I don't remember about Boss honestly. But I can taste the distinctive taste of egg yolk in Royal China's rendition and yes, the filling is a little on the dry side. =)

red fir said...

i'm definitely sure Bosses one will have coz i tasted saltiness in the custard..the very little that i managed to taste. LOL.

pity though about those buns@royal china. but those char siew su sure looks jam-packed w charsiew. :)