Sunday, March 23, 2008

Inagiku Part II

A revisit long anticipated. Inagiku or 稲ぎく underwent a makeover last year and now boasts a spanking new interior coupled with a modern menu to boot.

Interior & Menu

Unlike the old traditional brown wooden interior, the new one is decked out in jet black and oozes contemporary Zen. A little too much if you ask me, especially with the somewhat fanciful light displays. However, as with the old interior, the tables are quite close to each other which makes conversation rather impersonal.

Foie Gras To Fruit No Lemon Kama - Mango & Grape Marinated Boiled Foie Gras with Prawn and Grilled Pork in Chervil and Lemon Sauce

A most interesting dish. I had expected the foie gras to be soft and mushy from boiling but it was surprisingly firm and smooth to the tongue. When consumed together with the grapes and mangoes, the sweetness from the fruits came through and complemented the foie gras very well. It helped that the dish came with fresh, crunchy prawns and nicely grilled pork as well. Portions are dainty though.

Sake Sashimi - Salmon Sashimi

The salmon sashimi was pleasing to the eyes and very fresh, as evident by the colour and firmness of the flesh. However I did find it a little too thickly sliced, which affected the texture or what the Chinese term as 口感.

Teppanyaki Sirloin

Now this dish was a bummer. The sirloin was a little undercooked in some areas probably due to the thickness of the meat and it was tasteless and rubbery. A sheer waste of $45 if you ask me.

Tempura Moriawase - Assorted Tempura

Inagiku's forte has always been tempura and the Tempura Moriawase came looking like a mess. Hardly appetite whetting I must say. But the batter was ever so sublime, thin as paper and light as air, without the oily residue taste that plague a lot of tempura. Its $60 though, so make the pieces count.

Ebi Inagiku Sauce - Prawn with Inagiku Special Sauce

Still smarting from the $195 lobster I had the last time round, I opted for the poor man's alternative this time round, the king prawn ($60). Not that it was any lacklustre as compared to its more expensive cousin. The prawn cubes were aplenty, grilled till lightly charred and topped with the very creamy Inagiku special sauce. Be careful not to consume too much of the sauce though as it can be quite nausea inducing due to the overdose of creaminess.


Prices seem to have gone up a bit since the revamp and dinner for 2 cost us to the tune of almost $270 before discount ($135 after 50% discount). Food quality is still good save for the occasional misses but definitely not value for money. Hey its fine dining after all and Inagiku has its reputation of being one of the most expensive Japanese restaurants in Singapore to keep!

Likes: Excellent service, excellent food
Dislikes: Very pricey

Final Verdict:
Value for money:5.5/10


Address: Level 3, Fairmont Singapore

Contact: 64316156

Opening Hours:

Lunch: Daily - 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm

Dinner: Daily - 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm


Anonymous said...

Ok.. i'm so outta touch.. where is fairmount..??

Anonymous said...

dude, where did u get the 50% discount? that's really useful for such a dining place.


fatpig said...

mama bok: Fairmont used to be called Raffles the Plaza. Its at City hall.

ratatouille: Its from the feed at raffles card. =)

R said...

there's this episode of makan sutra where they spoke of the forefather of japanese cuisine in singapore. this one chef, brought japanese cuisine here. i believe it is nogawa-san. the old chef who owns Nogawa at sentosa and le meridien. i heard it's ridiculously good. fp, have you tried Nogawa? lol. it's reputed to be notches above inagiku. inagiku sounds a little inconsistent i guess... but perhaps i'm too concerned for my money. hehe.

fatpig said...

Rei, I've tried Nogawa at Meridien quite a long time ago. Don't really remember much about it except it being very expensive. Planning to try it out but I'm afraid my wallet will bleed from the prices :S

Anonymous said...

Is there a subscription fee required for the Raffles card? Now I'm quite interested to apply for it, looking at all the 50% discounts you have!

fatpig said...

Hi jy, there is a fee. I believe the cheapest one costs $388 + 7% GST. If you want free rooms and stuff like that, the prices go up to $588 + 7% GST and so on. You can check out their website at

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for you to try out at Gyu Kaku (CHIJMES) & blog about it... =(

fatpig said...

Hi Jane,sorry haven't had the craving for Jap BBQ yet :p

Anonymous said...

ok... btw, Gyu Kaku (CHIJMES) are now open for lunch on Friday - Sunday, 12-3pm. Reservation for dinner is highly recommended.

fatpig said...

Thanks for the information Jane! =)

His Food Blog said...

Inagiku and Nogawa - another 2 places I would love to try, but the food seems pretty steep - $60 for a tempura dish - OMG!

The Foie Gras looks very refreshing - I bet they are yummy.

I am divided on the sashimi. Personally I prefer my Sashimi thicker as I feel the 口感 is better.

Also, I always thought only overcooked sirloin will tend to be rubbery? Didn't know an undercooked one would be as well.