Thursday, April 24, 2008

Auntie Kim's

My second foray into Korean food - a very late dinner at Auntie Kim's one weekday night. I've heard many good things about Auntie Kim's and since my last visit to Nul Bom was less then ideal, I thought it would be nice to explore new Korean places.


Located within a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road, Auntie Kim's interior is rather smallish and elegant with its dark wooden tables set against light coloured walls. Korean music lingers in the background and service is extended by waiters in black suits and waitresses in traditional Korean costumes.

Side dishes

I didn't find any of the side dishes particularly outstanding or lousy for that matter. There was the usual kimchi, beansprouts and anchovies which I'm beginning to feel that they taste almost the same everywhere. But as mentioned before in my entry on Nul Bom, I do appreciate the variety.

Yookgae Jang - Spicy Beef & Scallion Soup

This dish looked really really spicy with its intense reddish colour. However, that was just a facade. Even someone who can't really take spicy stuff, like me, could take it without so much as breaking out in sweat. I personally found the soup rather bland and the beef slices were a tad too tough and overcooked for my liking.

So Jungsik - Hotplate Beef

The beef was overcooked but still decently tender probably due to it being thinly sliced. I found it too sweet for my liking but maybe that's how Koreans eat it. I like the few strands of golden mushroom that came with it though, crunchy and breaking the monotony of just chewing through meat.


This came complimentary and I honestly don't know whats in it. To me it was just a chilled drink which reeked strongly of Cinammon. Definitely not my idea of a sweet ending.


We paid about $35 for a rather filling dinner (thanks to the sides) but after having tried out Korean food for a second time, I still dont find myself taking to it. Is it just me or have I been ordering the wrong things or going to the wrong places?

Likes: Good service, not really expensive
Dislikes: Food not suited to my tastebuds

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: 265 Upper Thomson Road

Contact: 6452 2112

Opening Hours: Daily: 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10pm


candice said...

hmm..i think you have been ordering the wrong things at Auntie Kim's! Do try the korean bbq meats next time you pay a visit..its pretty good!

Anonymous said...

yea! there is a Korean BBQ @ West Coast, iirc the building is called YESS Centre? anywhere, Golden Bay Seafood is in the same facade. Also try the Korean BBQ @ Dempsey Road, it is nice but be prepared to pay a bomb...the beef there is expensive :)

fatpig said...

Hi Candice, thank you for your recommendation :)
Annonymous: Those are korean BBQ, not the kind of korean food I wanna try actually. But thanks for the recommendation as well :)

Ethylis L said...

hihi ~ maybe u wanna try out Su Korean. the one i went to was at Far East Plaza n it seems they have opened another branch @ Boat Quay:
# 40A Boat Quay S(049829)
# Tel: 65322904
# Opens: Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

as to what u should order: check out this haha .. should be quite a good guide ~ at least basically ~

there's another one at Esplanade ~ but is quite costly it seems ~

Ethylis L said... check out this too ~ though the restaurants are not relevant to us ~ for obvious reasons =P

hope ya next korean tryout will be good ~

fatpig said...

Hi Ethylis, thank you for your recommendation! =)