Friday, June 06, 2008


The yoghurt craze is catching on in Singapore with the opening of yoghurt outlets like Frolick and Yoguru. The former currently has 3 outlets in Singapore whereas the latter only has one.


Located in the still sleepy Kallang Leisure Park, Yoguru has a steady following of fans who swear by the brand's fat free yoghurt which comes in 2 varieties - original and YoguBliss, with the latter comprising of dragonfruit and pomegranate in the mixture. Prices start at $3.30 for a regular cup of original yoghurt to $7.90 for a jumbo take home container. Prices for the YoguBliss are slightly higher, at $3.80 for a regular and $9.30 for a jumbo. Toppings start at $1.20 each. Definitely not cheap.

Regular Original

Not being a fan of dragonfruit or pomegranate, I had a go at the original with toppings of diced strawberries. To be honest, I'm never liked yoghurt because my tolerance for sour stuff is minimal so it came as quite a surprise that I could actually finish up a whole cup of Yoguru's yoghurt by myself. The yoghurt is much sweeter than any of the other brands of yoghurt that I've tried and the smooth creamy texture reminds me more of ice cream, which is totally different from what you can get from NTUC or Frolick for that matter.

I like the idea of fat free pseudo ice cream with a sourish tinge enough to continue my patronage.

Likes: Yoghurt is smooth and lightly sweet
Dislikes: A tad expensive

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6.5/10


Address: Unit 01-10A Kallang Leisure Park, 5 Stadium Walk

Contact: 63448860



red fir said...

Yogubliss doesn't taste of dragonfruit or pomegranate at all trust me coz I don't like them either. :) Try the swirl next time. $3.60 for the mixed version.

ps: haha that picture is so nice but so posed! The strawberries are decked out too nicely, too good to be true :p

fatpig said...

I'll try swirl the next time! Thanks! :D

ps: The picture wasn't posed. It was my cup of yoghurt lol.

His Food Blog said...

I agree, the "twist" version is better, but I am still a bigger fan of Frolick.

By the way, you mentioned they have 3 outlets, where are the other 2 other than the HV outlet?

red fir said...

HisFoodBlog: The 2nd outlet is already opened at Serangoon Gardens. The other slated for end June opening at Millenia Walk opposite Candy Empire.

I prefer Yoguru though. Frolick melts way too fast.

fatpig said...

Yea I agree that frolick melts way too fast. Yoguru is smoother.