Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Thai

Fresh with the memory of Bangkok's excellent Thai food and armed with a craving for Phad Thai, I headed down to First Thai at Purvis Street, which purportedly serves up authentic Thai food at reasonable prices.

Interior & Menu

The place sits right at the front of Purvis Street, making it easy to find and plays neighbours to Yet Con, which is next door and Chin Chin just across the road. Decor is very coffeeshop like save for the nice green olden style windows that look out to the main road. There is no airconditioning at this eatery so be prepared to sweat it out on a hot day. If the place is full, you'll probably have to share a table with someone or queue up outside the shop. Do note that you will not be seated until everyone in your group is present.

Tom Yam Soup Individual Serving ($7)

This is one of the better tom yam soups that I've tried in Singapore and at $7 a pop, it really isn't too expensive given the amount of ingredients in it. Light and sourish with a tinge of spiciness. But I would have preferred it a little spicier. And thats coming from someone whose spice tolerance level is rather low.

Pandan Chicken ($8)

Ok I got to admit that this isn't exactly cheap, at $8 for 4 bite sized pieces of pandan chicken. The chicken, though nice and juicy, didn't exactly wow me probably because of its rather mild taste. There was no burst in the mouth melody of flavours that I experienced while eating it in Bangkok. But still a nice eat nevertheless.

Phad Thai ($8)

One of the highly recommended dishes and purportedly one of the best in Singapore, the Phad Thai was actually quite good. Lightly sweet with a firm and chewy texture. However, it was a little too wet as compared to what I had in Bangkok. The ubiquitous dried shrimps were also missing. I know that dried shrimps are optional but they give an added texture and introduce a much appreciated salty dimension to the dish. Personally I still prefer the Phad Thai from Sweet Salty Spicy Food Market & Thai Canteen.

The cost of food sufficient for 1 pax stood at $23 (no GST, no service charge), which is still acceptable given the quality of food. However, drinks cost me an additional $8 which is terribly expensive. $3 for a glass of coconut juce, $4 if you want less ice. 50 cents for warm water and 50 cents for ice only. So technically if you wanted ice water, it will be $1/cup. Theres the more expensive option of bottled water though, starting at $2 (without ice). Sorry but I think its a rip off, especially when its only a coffeeshop. If I ever visit again, I'll be sure to bring my own water.

Likes: Above average quality of food, price of food not too expensive
Dislikes: Place can get quite warm, drinks are expensive

Final Verdict:
Value for money:7/10


Address: 23 Purvis Street

Contact: 6339 3123

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 12-3pm (2.15pm last order)

Dinner: 6-10pm (9.15pm last order)

Closed on Alternate Mondays


red fir said...

err...I don't quite get your last para at all about the water, ice water. "50 cents for warm water and 50 cents for ice only. So technically if you wanted ice water, it will be $1/cup."

Can further clarify? Thanks. And how come the $8?

I like the food here nonetheless.

fatpig said...

Hi Ice,
according to the waitress, they don't serve ice water, only warm water. So to get ice water, you need to buy warm water and top it up with ice. So 50 cents + 50 cents = $1. :P

$8 for a cup of bandung less ice and coconut juice less ice. $4 a pop. :S

red fir said...

ok this is less confusing lol.

So the 2 of you ate the above, then don't mislead lar! coz you mentioned also "The cost of food sufficient for 1 pax"!

anw, totally unrelated here...but the RF can't be used at Royal China right?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow..!! about the water..!! i hate places like these..! it isn't even the money .. but it's like telling us.. we can do what we want. .take it or leave it.

fatpig said...

Actually only I ate the above. And I still wasn't very full after that honestly. My gf had the bandung only. =)

Nope FAR can't be used at Royal China. =(

fatpig said...

rex, I don't like it either. Thats why I'll bring my own water next time :P