Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant

Was roaming around T3 one evening and fancied some Chinese food for dinner so ended up at Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant. I'm sure Crystal Jade is no stranger to most Singaporeans but I believe this Shanghai outfit is relatively new as I don't remember seeing it anywhere else before.


Crystal Jade occupies a circular space within the terminal and there is no interior to speak of as the place practices a semi open environment which allows you a view of T3's calming interior, which honestly, is good enough for me.

Xiao Long Bao

To be frank, the XLB was probably one of the best I've eaten in any Crystal Jade outlet in the past year or so (not that I've eaten at many though). Malleable yet thin skin shrouding a lump of meat that didn't carry that overwhelming pork taste and filled with tasty, albeit a tad oily, juices.

Crispy Duck with Chinese Herbs

I thought that the crispy duck came across as overly salty and dry. The herb taste was rather evident but I failed to see how it enhanced the taste of the duck, rendering the duck average at best. Served up on the side were tiny clam shaped mantous, which were similar to those I had at Szechuan court - sweet and filling.

Egg White with Shrimp & Asparagus

This dish wasn't too fantastic but I liked it solely because its comfort food to me. The prawns were crunchy but for the price, this dish could really do with more asparagus. I did think that the egg white tasted a little too raw as well.


An average but filling meal cost the 2 of us about $58, which isn't exactly cheap for the quality of food. But I guess such prices at the airport still fall into the reasonable category. Service didn't go beyond taking our orders and serving the dishes. One thing to note, please be prepared to queue if you wish to have dinner at this restaurant on weekends.

Likes: Nice view of T3's interior
Dislikes: Rather pricey, food quality not exactly up to par

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6/10


Address: #03-32 Changi Airport Terminal 3

Contact: 6241 8468

Opening Hours: Daily: 8am - 10pm


Anonymous said...

I've never tried Crystal Jade Shanghai before. Tried the Crystal Jade Kitchen in KL and it's nice, the price is not nice though. Can't expect that much, food nice, price sure "nice".

fatpig said...

Haha yeah thats true!