Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Had been meaning to try out Vittles for quite a while and the opportunity finally presented itself one rainy afternoon. Apparently this small heartland cafe has been featured in quite a few media vehicles as well as in various prominent food blogs. Whats seemingly interesting about this place is the free flow of popcorn that you can help yourself to.

Exterior & Interior

Vittles sits among a short stretch of shops along Sembawang Road and can be difficult to spot especially if you are not alert, which was precisely what happened to me and I had to circle the area a couple of times before I finally spotted it.
The place offers an alfresco sitting as well as a smaller air conditioned interior and comes across as very "cafeish" with its white plastic chairs and laminted menus.

Soup of the Day

I don't quite remember what soup this was but it tasted right out of the sachet - average tasting. But it came with the set so I guess its better than nothing.

Julius Caesar Salad

As great as Julius Caesar was in Roman history, this salad bearing the namesake wasn't the least impressive, coming across as average and run off the mill. And just to set the record straight, no, Julius Caesar didn't invent the caesar salad.

Moo Moo II Burger

One of the signature dishes of Vittles, the Moo Moo Burger looked a tad smaller then what I had seen in photographs, which was a bummer really. Texture wise, the patty was relatively smooth with patches of roughness throughout (an indication of slip shod hand chopping?) and managed to retain some moisture even though it was cooked till well done. My major grouse came in the taste section. The patty was covered/drowned with BBQ sauce which greatly overwhelmed whatever taste the beef patty had to offer as well as that of the bacon and cheese.

Durian Mousse

I couldn't resist ordering the durian mousse even though it cost something to the tune of $7. I must say that it was quite decent - smooth and not too sweet although the mousse was a tad too dry. Not something that I'll order again though, simply because of its small portions.


While its comforting to know that $29 can buy you a soup, salad, main and dessert at Vittles, its not exactly value for money as food quality is a whisker above average at best. A return seems highly improbable for me as Carl's Junior does seem like a cheaper option.

Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nothing

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6.5/10


Address: #01-05 Sembawang Cottage, 369 Sembawang Road

Contact: 6756 1138

Opening Hours:

Sun to Thurs : 12:00 am to 10:00 pm

Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holidays : 12:00 am to 11:00 pm



Anonymous said...

Was looking forward to look at the popcorn pics. Didn't they serve you popcorns?


fatpig said...

The popcorn honestly was miserable. Its a small machine located at the al fresco area and the popcorn tasted rather stale and lao hong.

Anonymous said...

The idea was fresh and interesting. Thot it was served at the table. I know...... Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, you go and try out the soups served at Cafe Cartel. Their soups taste like they practically served it out from the canned soups which you buy off the supermarket racks. The soups at Vittles are made of fresh ingredients and cooked personally by their chef. My favourite soup is their mushroom soup where you can practically bite bits of mushrooms. Their burgers are also very satisfying especially their signature burger, Moo Moo II burger. The beef patty is made of beef which is minced by the chef personally so as to get heat evenly spread out during the cooking. Although the bbq sauce is on the heavy which might snatch the primary taste of the beef patty, you can request them not to put too much of the sauce when you order. Frankly speaking, I think you should try all other eateries who cater to the same crowd as Vittles before making any judgment. I personally have try out quite a number of family restaurants before coming to Vittles.

fatpig said...

Hi anonymous, no offense but the soup is really salty and hardly fresh IMHO. But well its soup of the day so maybe standards differ.

Could you perhaps name me a couple of the places you are comparing Vittles with?

Personally I think the burgers from hotshots or smokinn frogz wins Vittles hands down anyday and prices are about the same =)


PatriCa BB said...

looks nice !