Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ever since Top of the M closed down with much fanfare in early 2008, Meritus Mandarin's iconic coffeehouse, Chatterbox, has moved up the levels (literally) to occupy what used to be the crowning glory of this centrally located hotel in Orchard Road.


Perched on the 39th floor of the hotel, the interior now sports bright red tables and pillars to give a very traditional coffeeshop feeling, yet still offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. Note that the restaurant doesn't revolve anymore, leaving that honour solely to Prima Tower.

Chicken Rice Set

Chatterbox has been known for its excellent chicken rice and of course its exorbitant prices. Consisting of only a bowl of rice, soup and a relatively generous serving of chicken meat, this dish is definitely not for the value conscious.The soup was very tasty probably due to the high MSG content while the chicken was sufficiently tender with an appropriate amount of bite. Personally I felt that the rice wasn't fluffy or tasty enough, coming across as a tad dry and limp.

Flowering Chinese leaf cabbage

The Cai Xin was as normal as it gets but portions were really small for the price ($9++).

Apple & Raisin Tart

In all honesty, I was quite surprised to find a "western" dessert on a menu that featured mainly Chinese/local fare and since my initial choice of homemade coconut ice cream was out of stock, I settled for the tart. Which wasn't exactly a bad choice considering that the tart was quite crusty with a nice oven baked taste to it. Add a couple of sweet apple slices, raisins and a scoop of ice cream for a rather nice ending. But hey, its $12++.


I shudder to imagine the ridiculous price I would have to pay in the absence of my 1 for 1 chicken rice voucher. Even so, the bill for 2 pax came up to about $53 ($81 without voucher), which is really quite off the chart if you ask me. Service was decent but I seriously doubt I will return, not for the food and definitely not for the high prices.

Likes: Good view
Dislikes: Food quality can be better, expensive

Final Verdict:

Value for money:5.5/10


Address: 39th floor, Main Tower, Meritus Mandarin Singapore, 333 Orchard Road.

Contact: 6831 6288

Opening Hours:

5am to 1am (Sun – Thu; Last order at 12.30am)

24 hours (Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holidays)

Chatterbox High Tea – Available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 2pm to 5pm



pinkdewy said...

Whoa the chicken rice is $24++ now? To think the last time I ate there was only $16 (8 yrs ago). Was quite tempted to try on the 39th floor after reading your post but I think I could put my $ to better use. Hehe

fatpig said...

Inflation my friend :P Yes that money can definitely be put to better use.

Unknown said...

Wah...I think some $2/3/4 chicken rice would have been better than Chatterbox's. I think it's the branding and ambience we're talking about here.

Fen said...

I have always been curious about Chatterbox Chicken rice but the price put me off completely. It is so expensive and from your description, it really doesn't seems to be worth it at all...

I missed Yet Con rice...

fatpig said...

Foodies Queen: Didn't know that there are still $2 chicken rice around.

Fen: Yea its definitely not worth the price.

His Food Blog said...

Of course there are still $2 chicken rice my friend. When was the last time you ate hawker food? Haha. You just have to search a bit harder nowadays due to inflation.

fatpig said...

I thought the norm now is $3? The only few $2 ones I know give like probably 4 pcs of chicken and lots of rice lol.

Anonymous said...

every entry u seem to say the restaurant/food is expensive, whats new. value of money is always 5.5-6.5, nice one man seriously, its ok to show that u are cheap man, its the recession anyways, ha...ha..ha!

"Service was decent but I seriously doubt I will return, not for the food and definitely not for the high prices." followed by "Likes: Excellent service, not too expensive"

great writing there, and add a search box for ..... sake while u at it.

"With the price of my pizza out of the way, the 2 of us chalked up a reasonably modest bill of about $39, which is really bang for the buck in my humble opinion. Now if I could just get my hands on more of those 1 for 1 coupons." followed by "Value for money:6.5/10" BANG FOR THE BUCK = 6.5? niceeee

fatpig said...

Hi Blaire,thanks for your pointers. I think I missed out editing the likes/dislike column cause I usually just copy and paste. As for the bang for the buck comment, which I believe refers to my post on CPK, I rate value for money according to what the actual price would have been without the discount. I don't see a point in rating according to the discounted price when its a one off thing.

ps: Your sarcasm is lost on me

Cheers =)

fatpig said...

Blaire, can't help but wonder about something. Please enlighten me as to how does a low value for money rating correlate with me being cheap? Please tell me that you aren't affected by the recession or you would spend almost $30 on chicken rice. =)

Anonymous said...

the most expensive chicken rice. haha. where u get the 1 for 1 one? anyway even with the voucher,12 bucks for one plate of chicken rice also ex what. ha

fatpig said...

LIC: got it from the women's weekly magazine haha. And its not just $12, its $12++.