Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dim Joy

I've always been an advocate/fan/fanatic/supporter of dim sum so when Dim Joy hopped onto the bandwagon a couple of months back, I was tempted to have a shot at it especially in this recession period where Yan Ting and Royal China are seemingly out of reach for my shallow pockets. Of course it helped that Dim Joy reportedly specialises in dim sum and sells only dim sum items throughout the day - a psychological effect?

Exterior, Interior & Menu

And I finally got the chance to dine there on a Saturday morning. Playing anchor to a row of beautifully restored shophouses along Neil Road, Dim Joy oozes sublime old world charm with its facade and simply done up interior that allows natural light in. Cool airconditioning coupled with a nice warm glow from the sunlight make for a soothing and relaxing environment.

Lingnan Egg Tart

Although the lingnan egg tart didn't fall into the buttery crust category which I personally prefer, I have to admit that it was almost in a class of its own. A flaky crust that compounded the oven baked goodness with a smooth, wobbly and not too sweet custard filling that had an almost surreal semi liquid feel. Very delicately done if I may say so.

Savoury Beancurd Skin Roll

Not your usual beancurd skin roll, this one looked like it had tempura batter sporadically coated on it before deep frying. And there was no crackling crispy skin either. Instead, the roll was a tad crisp yet moist, not to mention fragrant with a light savoury aftertaste that complemented the filling of mushroom and radish.

Custard Bun

I wasn't too impressed by Dim Joy's rendition of the custard bun even though the the custard filling was semi molten and oozed out with ease with a break in the skin. The quintessential egg yolk taste was sorely lacking and I could make out some granular substance in the custard which I presume to be partially undissolved sugar (I'm just guessing). There were traces of egg yolk as well from the slightly rough texture but as mentioned earlier, the taste was minimal.

Honey Syrup Char Siew Bao

Unlike the custard bun, the Char Siew Bao was excellent, for lack of a better word. The dough was soft and fluffy with an ample bite to it. However the char siew filling came across as rather lacklustre, mildy sweet from the honey but with a rather high proportion of fat meat in my humble opinion. Having said that, the dough itself is enough to warrant seconds for me (Not that I did though).

Barbecued Pork & Celery in Rice Rolls

The rice roll aka Chee Cheong Fun was a little different from the usual silky smooth ones in that there was an oily finish to it, very much like kway teow or flat noodles. However, as with the char siew bao, the char siew filling in the rice roll was forgettable and overall a rather bland dish.

Century Egg with Lean Pork Congee

I personally dislike century eggs but this porridge was surprisingly decent, especially the pork cubes (actually they looked like chicken cubes), which were tender with a nice salty tinge to it. The porridge itself wasn't too starchy and the ginger slices kept nausea at bay. One serving can feed 2 pax easily.

King Shrimp Har Gao

I would have preferred one large prawn in my har gao instead of 3 medium sized ones but I'm not complaining. The skin did seem a whisker too thick and elastic for my liking but on the upside, the har gao didn't carry the overwhelming prawn taste that plagues alot of har gaos.

Crispy Pumpkin Balls

This came complimentary with every spending of $30 and above. I'm not exactly a big fan of such stuff so I won't comment much except that it reminded me uncannily of those rounded pieces of chewy flour coated with sesame seeds on the outside that are being sold at most dough fritter stalls.

Black Sesame Soup

A most average dish and $3 a pop does seem a little expensive.

Durian Snow Pearl

This signature dessert reminded me of durian snow skin mooncakes except that the skin on this one was soft and excellent. No elasticity or excessive flour taste that I have a particular disdain for. The skin seemed to meld in rather well with the durian filling and cream when I popped one into my mouth. The only thing I didn't really appreciate about the dessert was the cream, which I personally felt marred the taste a little.


It does seem that Dim Joy is giving the bigger boys a run for their money with its relatively high quality of dim sum at a slightly lower price to boot. The 2 of us spent about $52 for a rather enjoyable and filling dim sum session in a nice soothing environment. Service was good but I wasn't exactly too pleased at being charged $1++ for iced water.

Likes: Quality of food is good
Dislikes: Prices still do seem a little steep especially for an unknown restaurant

Final Verdict:

Ambience:7.5/10 (I like the restored shophouse factor)
Value for money:7/10


Address: 80 Neil Road

Contact: 6220 6986

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 11am-3pm; 6pm-10pm

Weekends: 10am-3pm; 5pm-10pm

(Closed on Tue)



Anonymous said...

wow the dim sum looks good! Shall bring GF there to try since hse digs dim sum, thanks for the blogpost!

fatpig said...

Hi Edmund, hope you enjoy yourself! =) And go in the day. The food is fresher.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. actually prices are all right la, maybe just slightly lower. but you all ate quite little eh? from your usual standards.

last week i went peony jade, two of us ate quite a lot by my usual standards

Anonymous said...

if you like custard buns with rich thick oozing egg yolk taste, PLEASE TRY IMPERIAL TREASURE. its realllllllly good!

fatpig said...

yea ate quite little this time round but still satisfying. How's Peony Jade's dim sum? Only tried their dinner and liked it.

Hi anonymous,
thanks for the recommendation. Which Imperial treasure outlet are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Went there on a sunday morning, alots of ang mos, place realitively small, need to book. Some dim sum also different from those serve outside and in small portion, not too filling but the overall feel of everything was good. Met 715 dim there too.

fatpig said...

Hi anonymous, who/what is 715 dim?

red fir said...

This place has closed.

fatpig said...

ice: Thanks for the update! Its a pity really. Probably didn't market it right/well.