Sunday, November 09, 2008

Su Korean Cuisine

Happened to be at Far East Square and was looking for a cheap lunch venue when I stumbled upon Su Korean Cuisine, which offered a set lunch at $10++/pax - a seemingly good deal in this part of town.


Located at the basement of this teenager centric shopping mall, Su spots a cafe like interior with plenty of booth seats and minimalistic decor.


I've always had the notion that the side dishes in Korean meals make the entire meal more bang for the buck because of the variety of dishes you get to sample. However, more often than not, the quality would be very average (based on the limited experience I have with Korean food). Su's offerings weren't an exception.

BBQ Chicken Fillet

As mentioned in my post on Auntie Kim's, I've never really been able to appreciate Korean food and whatever it entailed. The chicken slices were tender but I didn't quite take to the sugary sweetness of it. The proportion of garnishes to chicken meat was also quite high, which meant that the meat ran out pretty fast.

BBQ Beef

Another overly sweet dish to me, the beef slices were relatively tough and dry without much beefy taste. As with the BBQ chicken, portions were also found wanting.


I guess $24 for a relatively filling lunch in an airconditioned environment in town is still reasonable by certain yardsticks. Food quality is average to me but that may be due to the fact that I can't really appreciate Korean food.

Likes: Inexpensive lunch
Dislikes: Food is average

Final Verdict:

Value for money:7/10


Address: #01-21 Far East Plaza

Contact: 6235 0420

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am - 3pm

Sat/Sun/PH: 11am - 10pm


Kuching Remisier Blog said...

nice design the shop

fatpig said...

Hmm nice design? I thought its rather standard for Korean places. :P

JunJun-Riko said...

actually i think the design of the shop is just so-so. it looks like any other restaurant found in a shopping complex. from the photos u showed, i don't see any signs of korean in it either. there's a row of korean restaurant at ampang area. I forgot which place, but it's a row of shop lots. they're really nice n there's that homey korean feeling. not to mention the food was seriously, mouth drooling. =p

fatpig said...

Actually I don't know how Korean places should look like lol. Would you happen to remember which part of Ampang are the Korean restaurants located? Gotta get my friend to drive me there when I go to KL next time. =D

alien said...

how the taste?
spicey or wat?

me said...

I don't like this restaurant. I think it's not very authentic and overpriced. You can get much better Korean food elsewhere.

fatpig said...

Hi Cheryl, any place you would recommend? =)

red fir said...

Togi at Mosque Street. It's good, try it and let me know. :)

fatpig said...

Togi? Sounds familiar. Thanks ice!

me said...

hmm i remember going to a korean place at dempsey, which was really good but i cant recall the name now. I think it's Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant.

otherwise, crystal jade's korean ginseng chicken and bbq is not bad too, the one at ngee ann city?

fatpig said...

Thanks for the recommendation sheryl! =)

red fir said...

Hey I suddenly remember Kim Dae Mun at Le Meridien (now Concorde Hotel) foodcourt. This stall sells really good authentic Korean food at even better prices very easy on the pocket. You could give it a try since it's so convenient for you now! :)

fatpig said...

Hi ice, I've been eating at the meridien food court stall since 2005 lol.

Wenzzz said...

I like Hyang To Gol at level 2 of Amara too. Also there is this place called BQ Korean at Far East Sq where it serves authentic Korean food too! :)