Monday, April 27, 2009


April's monthly dinner was decided at Mietta's, which literally translates to Sweet Little One. Owned by Angelo Sanelli, who was one half of the business partnership of the popular Michelangelo's and helmed by the former executive chef of Zambuca, Dennis Sim, Mietta opened with little fanfare just a few months ago.

Interior & Menu

Located towards the end of Arab Street, just opposite Golden Landmark Hotel, Mietta takes up 3 units of shop space in this predominantly Muslim neighbourhood, which is why no pork is served as a form of respect (though alcohol is still sold). The interior is rather homely and cozy with ambient lighting and tables spaced decently far apart for a nice quiet dinner.

Complimentary Bread

This was the exact same bread I had at Zambuca. I enjoyed it back then but this time round it failed to wow me, probably because it was left sitting in the cold for quite a substantial period of time. My fault though. I was late.

Stuff I didn't get to try

Blueberry Gnocchi, Served with Braised Venison in a Red Wine, Bitter Chocolate Jus

I had this at Zambuca the last time as well and Chef Dennis graciously agreed to do this dish just for us that evening. The gnocchi was interesting and soft but I thought that the venison wasn't flavourful enough, which was attributed by Chef Dennis as not having enough time to allow the venison to rest and absorb the jus. The jus itself was a tad bitter from the chocolate but the blueberries didn't seem to feature or contribute much to the taste.

Squid Ink Ravioli

According to the chef, the ravioli is made in house and daily servings are limited. We therefore jumped at the chance to try it out. In all honesty, I didn't think too much of it. The ravioli skin was thin but the filling of scallop and prawn mousse tasted too smooth and bland. The saffron and dill jus was of the light variant and overall this dish lacked flavours.

Penne Vodka

I opted to have prawns to go with my penne and it was a great decision in my humble opinion. The crystal prawns were huge, fresh and sweet. I counted 5 large prawns with my penne which I thought was pretty generous. The penne itself was al dente without the tomato sauce being too overwhelming but there was no taste of vodka. I know its evaporated but whats the point of using vodka if there is not going to be any vodka taste? Nevertheless, I enjoyed this dish quite a bit.

Cinnamon Panna Cotta with Girottine Cherry

The panna cotta was a disaster honestly. The pudding was way too firm and had a gingery taste that I personally didn't like. Needless to say, I took 1 mouthful and left the rest to stand.

Strawberry Ice Cream

What made this ice cream stand out was that it was for diabetics. And it was ordered on purpose, as a comparison to the normal ones that we usually eat. And honestly, I thought it was good. The texture was more like frozen yogurt and it was still sweet probably from the fructose.


Comparisons were inevitable between Mietta's rendition of this classic Italian dessert and that of Zanotti's, as both offerings fell into the generously covered with mascarpone category. Though good, Mietta's mascarpone cheese was a little too bland in comparison while the sponge was a little too wet. But interestingly, chocolate chips were added for a nice bitter twist.


The 9 of us chalked up a bill of about $665, which bordered on the expensive range. Food is a case of hits and misses and I understand that stuff like the lamb rack is good so take your chances. Service staff were very friendly and humourous and definitely one of the highlights of the restaurant.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10

Address: 126 Arab Street

Contact: 6396 5493

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 11am - 2pm (Closed for lunch on Sat)

Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm


red fir said...

Vodka adds a tinge of sweetness to the rose sauce. Without it, it'll be just a normal tomato cream sauce. I like the penne vodka too, thought it's pretty good.

Newbie Foodie said...

$50++ per person. Ex man. I bet you used different cameras or lenses for some shots. lol

fatpig said...

ice: I don't know much about vodka in cooking but I drink quite a bit of vodka and I think its hardly near sweet.

Jon: I used only the 60mm lens. And its $70++ per pax, not $50++

R said...

Actually the sweetness of vodka comes from the wheat and it's more or less unsubstantial and extremely mild if any. And only the most premium vodka is made from wheat. Not sure if they used that? But at $26 a pop, possible. The large majority of people cannot differentiate a bottle of premium Grey Goose from a cheap bottle of Smirnoff.

Vodka is generally considered to be a flavourless and odourless liquor. I believe the vodka sort of adds a dimension of crispness to the pasta sauce and helps cut through the cloying quality of the tomato. It gives the sauce a very "clean" taste. Water is similarly tasteless and odourless; however, making a cocktail with water instead of vodka, it's different no?

IMHO, it's all about molecular gastronomy. :p


p/s I love alcohol, can anyone tell? lol.

Newbie Foodie said...

$70++ is even more out of budget then. Really? The shots look......wierd in some photos though.

fatpig said...

rei: Thanks for the explanation. They should use double malt whiskeys in place of vodka then :P

Jon: The lighting was terrible. Some shots were taken with flash.

ratatouille said...

its good to have 9 ppl to sample the food. seems like u had almost tried all the items in the menu.

fr boston

Elaine Ng. said...

i LOVE the icecream! best dessert for the night, haha =D